Analysis at home

Times Dr. Dr. Dolittle long gone and no one of us now do not satisfy diagnosis made with a stethoscope and thermometer. Diagnostic accuracy sovremennoogo provide laboratory research, and often analyzes allow to decide whether to go to the doctor at all.

Knowing this, many save their time and strength, coming to a doctor appointment, having already prepared the necessary analyzes the results.

It is clear that to be tested in the district hospital is unthinkable. Items same sampling analyzes network of commercial labs, often super-expensive or questionable owned structures. In addition, going to a commercial laboratory in person, we have to go out of the house, being sick. Let us not forget that the "analysis" has to be carried with you, and if you want to check your blood, then have to go on an empty stomach. Paragraph same destination awaits all of sick people (if you have not mixed applications).

For those who do not like it, there is another option. In the list of services to large medical centers have a service delivery tests at home. This not only protects the nerves and time, but also has a specific medical meaning. The fact that the test results may affect the physical load, when hormonal research even emotional stress.

This service is especially useful for parents whose children are afraid of doctors and the delivery of analyzes can turn into hell. Houses kid is not scared and procedure would be quick and easy. In addition, specimen collection at home is convenient for the elderly.

Analysis at homeAs in the laboratory of clinical centers in the patient's home fence procedural analyzes performed by experienced nurses who have all the necessary certificates. They use disposable sterile instruments and test tubes. Accuracy analysis does not suffer, as the materials are delivered to the laboratory in special containers that maintain the desired temperature during transport.

At home you can take almost all the same as in the laboratory. This is a general analysis blood and urine, the variety of biochemical, hormonal and immunological studies, alone or in the laboratory diagnosis of complex programs.

Analysis at homeThere is no problem with the hours of work, you can order a travel nurse around the clock for multi-channel phone. One of the major institutions that provide similar services — "Capital-Medikl." Experts call-center of the blades will help to choose a convenient time and tell you how to prepare for the procedure — in fact result may affect the use of certain drugs, food, physical activity, and even mode.

After passing the test material is sent to the laboratory and diagnostic centers. Therefore, a variety of tests can be taken at one time, saving not only time, but money, thanks to the connection "Capitals-Medikl" with a lot of laboratories.

The analysis results delivered by courier to the home or sent by e-mail. The information, however, remains confidential. If necessary, medical advisors hotline "Capital-Medikl" will help to understand the results of research and prompt, to which specialist should be addressed.


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