Audio on February 19th

• Digest of Belarusian news a day or. Gennady Buraukin sytutsyyu about in opposition.
• Guest "Radio Liberty" — public figure from Vilnius Sergei Vitushko
• Survey in Minsk — "What do you associate the word Lithuania?"
• Report from the joint concert of the Belarusian-Lithuanian project "Tylos Labanoro"
2nd part:

• research: as a creator in Belarus can defend their rights website?
• British researchers substantiated people are not specified, using pirated goods
• Survey about Minsk shop "Mystery of Sound" — that acquire the guests?
• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski
• February 19 — day of birth Copernicus. Grodno Many believe that the sun revolves around the earth
• «Night rap." Mikhalina Emelyanova. Poems.
• Alexander Tomatoes. "Zwukopis." History of "Rock-coronation."

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