Avian influenza — on the border between Belarus

Do interested Belarusian municipal agencies say the threat of the H5N1 virus hit the area of Belarus is small, as shipments of eggs and poultry meat from Russia minimized. In "Belgospischeprom" uttered that Russian meat and meat products for the upcoming processing is not used.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Food also noted: chicken meat trade is carried out once the export of Belarus.
Managing the situation clarifies State Veterinary Inspectorate Alexander Aksenov:
Aksenov: "We are from Russia supplied only meal: hamburger," folded "chicken, different branches and so on, which has been chemically treated or temperature. And this production is no threat.
Well, yesterday we contacted the control of the Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation, and he talked to him: the disease appeared on the personal farmsteads, took him through the southern regions of the bird, which was later sold on the market. No threat to us is not. Will introduce special restrictions if the disease at one point seem to Russian poultry. "
Belarusian-Russian border special inspection is not carried out, and a representative portion of the Bryansk Federal Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation Andrei Bakin generally inclined to think that for the hype surrounding avian epidemic responsible journalists.
Bakin: "I, as the official dealer for the Russian FSB Border Directorate Bryansk plot, stating: we do all right. Anyway, I said would almost always your publications Belarusian very many they say excessive. "
Meanwhile on large poultry Metropolitan area quarantined. In most Russian regions have started vaccination of poultry.
March 1, under "house arrest" and Belarusian take chickens, birds and other representatives of domestic fauna. First, it refers to the adjacent arteries aqua regions where a possible contact with feral relatives, who will soon begin vorachivatsya south.

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