Huge unmanned submarines (big unmanned submarine) — media drones are a long time in secret mode to operate off the coast of the enemy, reported July 30 citing mil & aero blog.
Being submerged «mothership» (mothership) runs on the water surface unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which then start flying in all directions. The carrier also launches unmanned underwater vehicles (BPA) for the exploration and detection of enemy submarines, carrying out secret operations in enemy ports. Specifically, such a carrier wants to create an Agency for Defense promising research projects DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) as part of its programs from Hydra. Maybe «Hydra» will be able to use and unmanned surface vehicles (SUA) for the exploration of the coast protected enemy.
Drone aircraft variants may be relatively small and cheap, because the media will not be able to return them back and recharge for reuse. Flying drones can fly only one way. But another thing — underwater drones that can output photos and videos of port facilities enemy with the highest resolution. After completing these missions BPA will moor to the media to «Hydra» could upload they received intelligence information for the secret transfer to U.S. and allied countries.
While it is unclear how it will look underwater drone carrier, and how many of these devices it will be. Development of the construction of the carrier and its drones is part of the original program that could begin in August. Must be defined major technologies, the ultimate goal — to create the layout. Contractors focus on solving technical problems, such as ballast system, propulsion system for submerged speed, secretive system of communication and control from remote command Fri, autonomous control system, the development of a payload launched from the carrier board UAVs.
August 5 in Laurel (Maryland), the Agency will inform the representatives of the industry on this program there, most of the briefings will be open, but a special presentation will be available only for trained members entitled to obtain information relating to state secrets. It seems, the program support the creation of underwater drones can be implemented in the future to enter the U.S. Navy.
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