Elderly people in Mosty region reach the hospital opening

Village infirmary in the lunar serve two rural councils. The villagers were comfortable to use it, as from here to the district center 24 kilometers. At the moment there is only a day hospital, which runs from 8th to 18th and hours.
I walk down the corridor, the door people everywhere. I ask the ladies came from afar or get here and how?
Lady: "We go on foot. Come here, make a shot, and put a dropper shuruy back home. We do not need a cure, we need the hospital opened and so could there lie. Excellent, I three kilometers to go home, and people from 7 — 8 stroll. "
To join the conversation, and the other ladies.
Reporter: "A long way for you to get?"
Lady: "10 km. Dropper But after a good idea to lie down and relax.’s Lady determine pressure — 210. And that — go to Bridges? We can get there only 11 hours, but already there is no stamp, no one there on the old look unwilling. And what did they give us the best — pity, that we old age slightly vacationed here. Did 40 years milkers on the farm. Here is our life. "
I went into the room where under droppers are two guys. They are from the village Gledavichy that 10 kilometers from Luni. Ask where paludnayuts when you have to spend a day here.
Man: "Only if you take something with them, and so we were not fed. This is when the hospital was, and that’s breakfast, and lunch and dinner — everything was. Was very comfortable."
Now there was no clinic 1st of doctors: 1st summoned to the bridge, and the second went to a nearby village where there are no doctors. We walk through the wards, treatment with basic medical assistant, Mrs. Valentina.
Valentine: "accessed everywhere, but nothing came of it. Closed — and all. Even the president wrote."
The only person in the Lunar who writes in all instances, strolls on techniques to local bureaucrats who is member of the local Council, member of the Party of Communists of Belarus Alexander Pudovkin. Yes, and he can not reach. None of vertikalschikov not even give any answers.
Pudovkin: "When closing the clinic no one took into account the representation of the people referred to a letter to the Ministry of Health, but Actually people in place suffer from such decisions. "
Chairman of the local village council Nina Raven throws up his hands:
"Local decision has been taken to close the clinic. Ourselves we see, that it is needed. This was manufactured by order of the Ministry. "
Chief Dr. Oleg Trushko Mostovskogo TMA believes that hospital was transferred to the day hospital treatment is justified. He participated in the preparation of information in this regard. Like, everything was accounted for and no complaints from the public is not.
Trushko: "Everything is fine. According Mostovskoy district indicator for place-beds exceeds the minimum social standard, and it is even higher than the small. Bythis people our help is not limited. "

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