Entrepreneurs are willing to hold a rally, despite the obstacles

The rally ready take the role of representatives of all major cities of Belarus. They seek to undo the last government decisions regarding entrepreneurship that are considered discriminatory. This was stated by chairman of the Republican Coordinating Council Anatoly Zmitrovich businessmen.
"Presidential Decree bankruptcy threatens us"
"After the introduction of the presidential decree number 760, which virtually prohibit the use hired labor, bankruptcy threatens us. Must be canceled and the decree number 20 on the prohibition to trade in spirits from April 1, also complicated home appliances, mobile phones, and a fur coat so on. We reduced the list of products which individual entrepreneurs can trade. We require it not to cut. If the conditions for all economic entities similar, why we deduce from these criteria? "
Organizers of the action requested permission to hold a rally on Yakub Kolas. But Minsk city executive committee authorized, as usual, Bangalore area — 12 to 17 hours. At the same time, in the ideological council no disk imaging the fate of the application is not filed and the applicants learned about the resolution to the case. Members of the city police invited them to a meeting to discuss security measures. There applicants and received a copy of the permit.
Authorities delayed issuing permits
One of the applicants, businessman Sergei Balykin said:
"The authorities pulled from the issuance of a permit for the rally. So makarom they tried to hide that have given permission. After all, he was granted permission to have its centenary on March 6th. And he was pointing us at the address in the home the same day. But it is clear that for such kutsee time of writing could not be reached. This permission was granted to us the other day, 4 days off. "
"The purpose of the meeting — the freedom of entrepreneurship!"
Organizers have yet to agree on holding shares with a number of city agencies and it will be only in Mon Prepyadstviya also appeared with the release of information materials — no printing on the weekend, nor the media do not work. One of the applicants meeting Makaeu Alexander said:
"We are on the" Dynamo "willing to give on the radio ad. Director of" Dynamo "officially rejected me, that we have given to the cockpit announcement of the rally. Though sanctioned rally. Authorities still interfere, finely harm. Aim of the meeting — the freedom of entrepreneurship!"
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