Fight over India: F-35 against our T-50

Fight over India: F-35 against our T-50 Fight over India: F-35 against our T-50

Suggest my own fighter fifth generation Americans expect that the Indians will finish work on the Russian rival

The United States is prepared to offer India a new combat aircraft fifth generation F-35 Lightning II, which is still only passes tests programmke «One Strike Fighter (JSF)». In the present report, the Pentagon to Congress on this occasion said: «If India show intrigued to JSF, the United States might be willing to provide information on the JSF, its performance characteristics (design, safety) and other data in order to support India in its intentions» . In fact the main loser in this case would be possible Our homeland. But — all in order.

Desire to support someone — is generous of the Yankees, but similar quality is not typical for them so juicy and profitable areas as trade weapon. No hesitation that all of them properly clean and Washington based initiative lies naked pragmatism. What is it?

Well, first, there is a tough fight for the Indian arms market. Former winner — Russia, which not so long ago there was almost a monopolist — squeezed from all sides. And Americans in this tough competition play an important role. In addition to the days of New Delhi announced an increase almost twice the amount for the contract under which began on Friday tender for 126 fighters for their own air force. Earlier Update for fleet Indians were ready to lay 11 billion dollars. Now — 20 billion unexpected generosity explained simply. First calculations were made by the Indian side in 2007 prices. But inflation — failure is not only Russian. Tormented her and other countries. You want — you do not want a purse New Delhi has to plow wider.

Whatever the case is now concluded, saying one thing: this tender have some RF problems. Not much that Moscow also tried to fight for victory in this tasty tender preparatory assessment in which began four years back. Then, in the first step, their applications submitted six states. We Americans — including. On our side to win confidently claimed multirole fighter MiG-35 (profound modernization of MiG-29). From American — F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-18 Super Hornet.

All these years, Moscow exuded complete confidence that the MiG-35 — the undisputed winner in the battle for the multibillion-dollar jackpot. Judging According to experts, this machine and the truth looks very much. According to Nikolai Buntina, director applets MiG-35, the head designer Engineering Center «OKB. AI Mikoyan «,» this aircraft generation «4 + +» is designed for demanding customers — such as the Russian Air Force and India. Getting to the development of the MiG-35, we proceeded from the fundamental requirements: it must excel in combat and operational quality fighters fourth generation and successfully confront in aerial combat aircraft fifth generation. «

In general, many imagined that the Indians elected specifically Russian fighter. But in April, today, the MiG-35 lost with a crash. And the Americans did not win. The main contenders for the lucrative contract so there were only French multirole fighter fourth generation Dassault Rafale multirole fighter and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

F-35 Lightning II
But if our homeland with the loss of Indian billion resigned, the U.S. decided to fight to the end. They are laid out on the table next trump card — the fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II. And now awaiting a new response.

It would seem that we are now before the tender, about which there is only offended inflating sponge? In fact, the last South American initiative is fraught with trouble for our country is much more important than the «flight» by the coveted billion if the F-35 will be on the arms of the Indian Air Force, under the question can be posed the most fundamental programm in Russian rearmament. Talking about Russian fighter fifth generation T-50 or PAK FA, first standards which now tested in Zhukovsky.

The logic here is regular and fierce. Now T-50 we are doing with the Indians on equal footing. Airframe, engine, avionics part and weapons — it’s ours. Electronics aircraft — avionics, control systems, navigation equipment, etc. — India engaged in the face of the campaign Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. At the same time, the Indian version of the fighter fifth generation (FGFA) will differ from the Russian double cockpit, engine and something else. Total price applets is estimated at 30 billion dollars, but over time probably increase significantly.

T-50 or PAK FA
Partnership, according to the participants of the project, is very successful, and in 2015 Russian Air Force may acquire fully drill the first squadron supersamoletov. Indians expect about the same time to start getting their first FGFA. And they must already 214 such combat vehicles.

That prospect apparently scares the Yankees, who while in the possession of monopoly fighters fifth generation. It is possible that their offer to purchase the Indians are almost ready F-35 — it is a tunnel and under the Russian T-50. Since New Delhi rather than fork out for a new South American aircraft — for which New Delhi continue to be spent on the development of Russian fighter of the same class? And if the Indians suddenly emerge from cooperation with us — whether pull Our homeland alone huge financial costs? What will replace the Indian electronics on the T-50? But even if our country will be able to cope with the emerging challenges — if not melt in the fog time re Russian Air Force?

Say, how signed international agreements? Oh, here we are for the last few years have given examples of how partners rather ignore their highest signature. Take the same aircraft carrier «Admiral Gorshkov», which was a modified version must enter into the Indian Navy under the name of «Vikramaditya». According to the contract, this event was to happen in 2008. Has not happened so far only the fault of the Russian side.

Even earlier, in 2007, the Indian Navy hoped to get a lease for 10 years Russian multipurpose nuclear submarine «Nerpa». But as they did not have our «Nerpa» and not up to date.

Stalled Russian-Indian programm to create a joint military transport aircraft. Not begin construction of our Indian spices at Kudankulam NPP.

So we are encouraging their hands longsuffering partners to the question: is it worth in general contact with Moscow, if there are other ways?

Comment deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Khramchikhin.

«SP»: — How to you think the South American Indians can buy the F-35?

— I do not think that this deal happens. In the F-35 very many problems. His experience, experience, and aircraft still no. Besides constantly grows price of the car. Because while taking nothing.

«SP»: — But Americans are not idiots. They count on anything.

-Of course, expect. They have invested in the program from such billion, just have to go through. Apparently, too, will try to persuade India to have patience.

«SP»: — But if we imagine that the F-35 still bring to the brain and India will buy it, it may call into question the role of Indians in the development of our T-50?

— If you buy — with our promising fighter really can be difficult. Then the question will be whether zahochut if our partners have their own air force immediately are two types of fighter fifth generation. Although this is not excluded. After all, we are creating a heavy fighter. F-35 — lightweight machine. In the United States decided that they need and languid and lightweight fighters. Heavy F-22 have already have them. F-35, it is possible to be. Why India does not go by the same method? Only instead of the F-22 fighter purchase Russian heavy?

«SP»: — Since this requires the South American financial capabilities.

— You can also reduce the amount of equipment purchased to manageable limits.

«SP»: — In any case, guess what will decide in New Delhi — it nepriznatelnoe. Likely to occur when they come out of the same joint applets to create fighter 5th generation? In particular, given the recent scandals in the sphere of military-technical cooperation between our countries?

— What will come out perfectly — hardly. Zahochut not quarrel with us. Even with all the lost world of tenders in India, up to 80 percent of their imports guns as before goes to Russia. In such hands quarrel seriously unsafe.

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