Grodno businessmen preparing to rally

Rallies in Grodno was not long, much less a day of mass actions will.
Levaneusky: "We conducted a survey on the markets Grodno with the question — Are the entrepreneurs hold a rally? And about sixty percent in favor of holding a rally in Grodno."
Entrepreneurs to rally matured, and as political parties and public organizations, they will be invited to work together, says Valery Levonevsky.
Levaneusky: "If there is harmony and good will on their part, then wedo itt rally together. In any case, negotiations on this issue passed with Milinkevich and he absolutely supported this venture and said that every possible help in this case Grodno region. "
Valery Levonevsky notes that joint action could be the beginning of long-term cooperation business with favorites opposition, with parties and public associations. He stresses that reads not only on behalf of the strike committee, which is headed, and indeed from those businessmen who "sober gaze at life." Net strike calls Levaneusky not an organization but "initiative people." He also said that a day or will negotiate with other organizations about the upcoming meeting.
That thinks about the possible joint actions of the regional organization of the Joint Managing civilian Party Yuri Istomin?
Istomin, "Well, of course, if there is such a proposal, we will respond. Especially since, I think it must recently to conduct an information campaign to come to the rally not tyscha people, and five or six thousand. And it really make in Grodno, as the business environment is very tense mood.
Valery Levonevsky admits that democratic rally in Grodno could be appointed even on March 25. Managing regional organization BSDG Viktor Sazonov states that do not support the initiative against Levonevskiy and business, but you need to quickly determine, because while there is a proposal for a day will go to the capital.
Sazonov: "Although, if we build that we can in my town do something 25th, so why not? It is best in this regard, I think it would raise our Grodno coalition, and let not all the parties, and the part, but now have this idea. "
Grodno coalition, which includes democratic parties and public organizations, not going long, but it has a history of working together, said Sazonov. And since there is a question of principle, it could would assemble without problems, he said.

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