Levon met-Dubeykavski (19.07.1869 (1867?), V. Dubeykovo (currently Mstislavskys district) — 06.11.1940, Vilnius. Buried at the cemetery of Vilna Dew)

If you go to a place Drysvyaty that Braslaw not pass there the main attractions — the wood and Paul Cathedral, built in 1929, with the features of Art Nouveau. Professionally vshtukavany in Lakeside District, this temple with its five-story bell tower makes a unique landscape that encouraged and encourages artists and just travelers who managed to get into these places — now the border area with the jet mode.
Creator wood drysvyatskaga breathtakingly — Levon met-Dubeykavski, particularly bright and professional in almost all areas.
A graduate of the Paris Academy of Architecture, he built a church in Smolensk, vorachival churches in Amstsislave, Orsha, Krychau and resin, designed the church in Vidzy and a huge number of other buildings in Vilenschina in Vilnius, where forever founded in 1922.
Colleagues and students knew him as a particular Belarusian independence supporters who once, while living in Minsk, often entered the "Belarusian House", and later served as the representative of the Belarusian People’s Republic in Warsaw. Their supporters were and Leon-writer, creator of acute and clever poetic works, among which stands out the bike "Pulls Wolf — Wolf pull."
Shtrishok next to a portrait-Dubeykavskaga met: through a couple of years after the death of his betrothed wife Ivana Lutskevich Leonova became Julian Menkyo, germanka Vilna, who participated in the Belarusian movement and surviving spouse, predestined him to write in Belarusian under the pseudonym Flower met a book of memoirs that appeared in 1954 in New York. In the same way, save and many manuscripts Dubeykavskaga.

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