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Beautiful lingerie gives a woman confidence, even if no one is going to show. Particularly acute problem of choice of underwear is during pregnancy, when I want to not only look good but also feel comfortable.

Lingerie for pregnant women must conform to several criteria: comfort, practicality and safety. For the next nine months postulate "Beauty requires sacrifice" should be forgotten. In addition, it is recognized that special underwear for pregnant women is much more comfortable, practical, and looks at the figure of the pregnant women are much more attractive conventional models of large size. And another thing: correctly matched underwear eliminates future mother of many of the problems associated with changing the shape. Therefore, his choice should be approached with great responsibility.

So, for the next nine months, you will need several pairs of panties three or four bra, stockings andbandage.


During pregnancy, increasing not only stomach, but the chest. Even if you've never worn a bra, but now he will be an integral part of your wardrobe, if not the body. Thus onfifth-sixth week, you will feel that the breast has increased significantly.

Wise to buy a special bra for expectant mothers. Preference should be given to models for large straps. They provide good support and better distribute the weight of the growing "milk factory". Narrow straps under the weight of increasing the breast you will dig into the shoulders. In addition, the bra should have a wide belt and a dense, closed cup. These models provide good support and reduce pressure on the chest muscles. Particular attention should be paid to the zipper. After all, it is thanks to thembra will "grow" with you.

Fasteners should be easy to use and durable, does not open by themselves for violent motion. Some iron locks strongly pressed into the skin and cause discomfort, pain, and plastic fast break. The best option, it hooks into several rows. Also very comfortable bras that have several rows of hooks on the back and front zipper.

Practical to use the model of "2 in 1" with detachable cups. This bra will serve you not only during pregnancy but also during lactation. By the way, while feeding and in the last weeks before delivery is advisable to wear a bra around the clock, putting on a free night model.

Correctly fitted bra has a cosmetic effect — maintaining muscle tone and skin, it prevents the formation of stretch marks. And do not think that bras for pregnant women must necessarily be large and similar to those worn by our grandmothers. Now you can find the beautiful lace patterns in different colors. The cost of these bras varies depending on thecountry of origin.


That bandage removes the burden from the waist, adjust the center of gravity and makes the expectant mother, "wearing" of his abdomen. Doctors recommend wear a bandage from the second half of pregnancy (approximately 28 —30th weeks). But if a woman feels discomfort, heaviness in the abdomen, then wait for the second half of pregnancy may be optionally used to wear a jockstrap.

Bandages come in two models — the pants and belt.

Bandage pants are high panties, integral with the supporting band. Special stretch Lycra insert sewn into the bottom of the transmission and goes up to the sides, covering the semicircular lower abdomen. On the back of insertion into wide elastic, soft-fitting and supportive waist. Bandage pants are very comfortable to use. They do not have zippers, and support the abdomen is carried out by stretching rubber bands. Absolutely contraindicated wear bandage smaller. Ask your doctor at the antenatal clinic, it will measure the circumference of your belly will help to choose the right size. The only drawback of bandage pants — high enough price (350 rubles), and in fact you have to buy several of these panties. It is with economic considerations, many women prefer banding belt with Velcro.

Strapping Time is an elastic rubber band, expanding on his back, with multiple sealing inserts on the sides. At the ends of a long, sticky gum, with which, as an extended belly can change the size of the shroud. The cost of tread belts ranges from 500 to 1,500 rubles. But one universal tie will be enough for all pregnancy. By the way, many models are designed tread belts and postpartum period. After wearing a brace in the first six weeks after childbirth contributes to more rapid contraction of the uterus and return it in the pre-natal state.

Regardless of a style to wear a bandage lying. When a woman gets up, the muscles of the abdomen are stretched under pressure, and it is desirable to maintain the original condition. The bandage should not cause discomfort, pinch vessels or too much pressure on the stomach. If it is the size and properly worn, the woman will not feel uncomfortable. If after removing the bandage on the skin are red streaks or prevent it all the time, he wants to take, then you should upgrade to a larger model. And of course, a properly selected band is completely harmless to the child and does not interfere with the baby to move freely.


Tights are preventive and curative. First create a physiologically distributed pressure (less than 18 mm Hg at the ankle) and are used for the prevention of venous insufficiency in high-risk groups. Are marked in denah. Size pantyhose matched the height and weight of an expectant mother.

As medicinal products, the pantyhose made of medical compression hosiery provide high levels physiologically distributed pressure (18 to 49 mm Hg or more. Art. At ankles). The size is chosen strictly on the individual anatomical standards feet. This jersey must match the single European standard — RAL-GZ 387 and have a certificate of environmental safety — Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Future mothers, beware of imitations. Make it easy — corresponding marking is applied to the packaging and the product itself. Declared properties of therapeutic compression hosiery produced with quality RAL-GZ 387 is stored for 6 months under conditions of everyday use and washing.

Efficiency compression treatment using therapeutic hosiery depends on proper selection of compression class, type and size of the product. And, of course, to acquire medical jersey should be in specialized salons. Consultants will provide you with information on how to properly put on and wear a medical jersey, take care of him.

Of course, the compression treatment will be successful if you pre-consult withphlebologist physician. Visit it must be in the second trimester. This will help to avoid problems with the veins in the future, as the risk of varicose veins during pregnancy is extremely high.

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