Night Siege — 27 February

Readers Web Site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are news: Ministry of Economy of Belarus has developed a plan for the privatization of large companies in the country, these include" Naftan ", Oil Refinery, LLC" Polymir "," Belshina "," Grodno Nitrogen "Beltelekom and tobacco factory" Neman ". Also consider the option realization of large shareholdings "Krynica" and "Minsk factory of sparkling wines". said this Russian newspaper "Vedomosti".
"Belarusian words are not enough — says one piece of iron. — If you cross the Russian or British language, web redagovtsy not released.’ll Have the problem of silence."
"This means that the Belarusians to participate in the privatization of its own, the Belarusian economy, the economy of its own territory, is not necessary. In time Lukashenko has finished the process, so now realize Belarusian treasure nyamavedama coma. That’s for you and self-sufficient economy. Belarusian financial elite and not born. That’s such a nail in the coffin of the country prepared mode "is another comment.
"MAZ, MTZ" Nitrogen "and no one gift is not necessary — it vacuums the municipal budget, kept only on subsidies."
Residents BYNET vividly responded to the emergence in Minsk stickers "day Belarusian unity." Stickers come to call October Square March 25. On the background of the flag of the European Union there are shown the red-green and white-red-white flags. Oh, so this event commented on forums portal "Well, that’s the first fruits of" compromise ", letters Milinkevich and our opposition to the regime. Indeed, after the beginning of such can be fully complement the slogans:" For Freedom! For Belarus! For Milinkevich! For Lukashenko! For Shejman! For Yermoshina! For Paulichenka! For integration! "
"What fun. If people come to the area and between white-red-white flags will be the same "steps over the marsh", the riot police embarrassed and will not know what to do. "
"You are important not pabitsesya the square, as well will be a spectacle for our radiant!"
"In the center of the circle with asterisks need a bucket of dead rats to draw."
Fyaduta publicist Alexander on his blog writes: "I remembered the story of Olga Abramova about how in 1996, during a confrontation between the president and Supreme Council, she tried to find the city red-green flag to bring it to the area. Find — think of the Communist faction — yes made. And was the only person with red-green flag of white-red-white. Looked at her askance. But the words did not say sharp: every deputy even more so, subscribe to the impeachment was valuable as part of the last citadel of democracy state. Now, apparently, with flags on municipal area will be released only communists kalyakintsy. Well, a couple of SDs kazulintsav-take. "
Pianist Vitaly Stakhievich Living in a society divided zhurnalaclassic_by such news: "XIII International Tchaikovsky Competition graduated selection of participants in all four majors. True surprise can be called that, with six pianists Belarusian applicants admitted to the competition, only one — Daniel Shleyankov." Overboard "Timur were Shcherbakov, Olga pins Paul Eletskaya Rostislav Creamer and Alexander Polyakov. Otherwise, the" reserve "is recognizable Russian Andrei Korobeynikov. Other nominations from Belarus participate Antonina incinerator and Jora Onishchenko (cello), Artem Shishkov (violin) Tatiana Gavrilova, Edward and Elijah Martynuk Silchukov (singing).

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