Pregnancy and women’s health

Pregnancy and women's health.

In the arsenal of any woman giving birth or planning to have children, there are stories about how pregnancy and childbirth affect the mother's health and beauty. Some say that during pregnancy, the skin becomes smooth and clean, the hair — lush and shiny breasts takes great shape, added strength, resistance to various infections increases dramatically. Others complain of increased hair loss, dark spots on the face, stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, fatigue, depression, worsening of existing diseases. These "contradictions" clearly require explanation. What is a pregnancy? Serious illness, consuming energy and health, or the flourishing of women's nature? Try to understand.

It is known that duringtime pregnancy in the body is a lot of changes, many of which are caused by hormonal changes. Their influence on the appearance and health of the woman can be compared to painting, consisting of many shades and tones. The degree of severity of "positive" and "negative" effects depends on heredity, and the state of women's health at the time of conception, and of the peculiarities of a particular pregnancy.

Often after childbirth woman notes at an unpleasant change in appearance thighs and lower part of the abdomen, which is usually called "cellulite". So, will develop cellulite at this woman or not depends primarily on hereditary characteristics of its connective tissue and whether if she had during late pregnancy toxemia (it causes fluid retention in the tissues). Have a certain value and feeding habits, and weight gain during pregnancy, and how competently woman taking care of the skin.

Pregnancy makes all the organs and systems of the body operate in a high voltage. Depending on the "initial" state of a body, it can be "better" or "worse" to cope with this stress. That is why for some diseases pregnancy is a "risk factor".

For example, if a woman has impaired renal function (or a predisposition to a violation — say, once a child was diagnosed with pyelonephritis, which is then for many years does not manifest itself), there is a high probability that in thetime pregnancy, these disorders will grow and there will be an exacerbation of the disease. The same applies to diseases cardiovascular (Heart disease, hypertension, etc.) and endocrine system (diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.).

During pregnancy, maternal organism gives all the resources a child struggling to ensure its successful development. Spent, and sometimes exhausted, the reserves of nutrients, stores of calcium and iron. According to scientific data, women who gave birth three or more times, menopause usually occurs earlier, and menopause in these women has a more severe course. In adulthood, many of them have not changed for the better shape — for example, a so-called "flabby belly": this is due to hyperextension of the shells muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. On the other hand, it is also proved that the woman who raised three or more children, are much less at risk of developing breast cancer.

Ideally, i.e. in the case of planned conception, pregnancy, a woman should have to follow the right diet and lifestyle, to take multivitamin-mineral complexes. In addition, as recommended by WHO, between birth and subsequent pregnancy should take at least two years — that is how much time is required for a woman to recuperate, replenish resources and re-prepare your body for pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby.


Today can be considered fully proven science that human health is largely determined by his psychological state. Typically, pregnancy and childbirth increase self-esteem women, give her self-confidence, so despite all hormonal imbalances, despite the higher the voltage of all the forces of the body, pregnancy and childbirth often truly Transforming a woman, because motherhood — the highest form of femininity.

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