Pregnancy Without Stress: whom to entrust your health?

Before a pregnant woman to choose between "free" and toll rises medicine has never been greater. Who entrust their health and the future for the next nine months?

The life of a modern woman living in the city, painted with minute by minute. And like all of the items of daily affairs are equally important. But that's — the news of the pregnancy!

And it means that in the diary expectant mother should be one more column — medical supervision.

Of course, pregnancy — a joy for every woman that wants to be a mother. But this period of life in which the joy and happiness interspersed with anxieties, doubts, fatigue. Routine visits to the doctor, gynecologist, diagnostic studies, consultations with specialists — all of this takes time and effort. That is why many women, expectant mothers, during this period the main question puzzled:


Who entrust their health?

For the management of pregnancy can be registered to the antenatal clinic at the place of residence or address in a private medical center.PrioritySelection Criteria Medical Center — Opportunities clinics provide comfort and peace of mind, a comprehensive monitoring of the health of the mother, the healthy development and well-being of the future child.


Why choose ON CLINIC

ON CLINIC— A diversified world-class medical clinic in which obstetrics and gynecology — one of the priorities.

In ON CLINIC provides advanced program of pregnancy, as well as a full range of laboratory and instrumental investigations on the basis of its clinical diagnostic laboratory.

The main objective of the Centre doctors of pregnancy ON CLINIC — To evaluate the health of the mother, and if necessary — to carry out effective treatment,without compromising the health of the unborn child.

ON CLINIC— Is more than 50 doctors specializations to choose your doctor, gynecologist, place card exchange, sick state sample, post-natal support for a month.

Additionally ON CLINIC possible home visits obstetrician-gynecologist and nurses fence tests at home, around the clock consultation with a physician.

The possibility of 3D and 4D ultrasound can accurately determine the sex of the baby, get the record on a CD or DVD for the very first stages of the development and growth of your baby.

All this is necessary to ensure the quality of medical follow any pregnant woman!


Particular attention is paid to prenatal diagnosis

An indispensable condition for a peaceful pregnancy is prenatal screening.

In ON CLINIC conducted the required (screening) survey in pregnancy with ultrasound: fetometriya, Doppler utero-placental blood flow, etc. A special complex laboratory analysis allows to identify the earliest stages of fetal abnormalities, to assess the possible complications of pregnancy (monitoring of AFP, hCG, free estriol, inhibin A , PAPP-test, etc.).

At the Center of pregnancy ON CLINIC provide highly skilled care for women with various chronic diseases, pathologies pregnancy, Rh conflict, etc. Make sure the survey is conducted by an infection, dangerous for the woman and the fetus.

At the time the violations found can be treated in a timely manner and to save the family from the serious problems in the future.


ON CLINIC — we are trusted by thousands of expectant mothers!

Programs of pregnancy ON CLINIC can be purchased at any time during a woman's pregnancy, but do not forget about the importance of timely prenatal screening. The best time for registration of an obstetrician-gynecologist — 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Specialists ON CLINIC will help the expectant mother to choose the most suitable for her hospital, if necessary — in the name of women will enter into a contract for maternity care and insure the risks involved.

ON CLINIC— Is the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, highly qualified doctors and modern medical equipment, service without the stress and queues. All this makes being a woman in the hospital more comfortable, ensures reliable protection of the health of women and children.

Make healthy choices and confidence in the future!

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