Pregnancy without varicose veins!

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The waiting time of childbirth — a crucial period. Pregnancy requires careful attention to women about their health care because of the baby begins long before his birth.

It is known that during pregnancy often develop varicose veins. And with each subsequent pregnancy the disease progresses. But there is good news. If time to replace conventional medical compression stockings on VENOTEKS ® THERAPY, then varicose veins and its complications can be avoided.

How VENOTEKS ® helps protect health, to keep a good shape and have a healthy baby? These questions are answered VV Andriyashkin, doctor-phlebologist, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery Medical University, Clinical Hospital № 1 named Pirogov.

— What you should know about varicose veins?

Varices — one of the most common diseases. According to statistics — up to 30% of women develop varicose veins after the first pregnancy, more than 60% — after the second.

By the development of varicose veins cause countless risk factors varices parents, flat, unfavorable environmental conditions, uncomfortable shoes and tight clothing, taking hormones, and more. But few people know that varicose veins — this is not a cosmetic defect, but a symptom of a serious cardiovascular disease, which can affect the health of mother and unborn baby.

— What are the signs point to the beginning of varicose veins?

Inspecting the feet daily, you can see a trace of gum socks, swelling of feet, small vascular "fishnet", swollen veins, nodules along the veins, and many other symptoms of varicose veins of varying degrees of severity. Perhaps the first of these signs did not attract your attention. But now that you know what they mean, they can not fail to notice, much less ignored.

— What do I need to do to protect yourself from varicose veins?

Doctors and manufacturers of modern medical devices combined their efforts. And now new technology is rapidly entering our lives. Pregnant women exchanged the simple tights on medical compression hosiery VENOTEKS ®. Of course, each doctor-phlebologist individual chooses a treatment regimen of patients with venous disease of the lower extremities, but mindful of the integrated approach, in which one of the essential elements of a compression therapy.

What is different compression hosiery VENOTEKS® from conventional slimming tights?

Waist tights do not have a healing effect, they serve only a cosmetic function, make the figure more visually slim. In contrast, the compression articles VENOTEKS® is medical. Their therapeutic efficacy is confirmed by clinical tests carried out on the basis of our department. Due to the property graduated compression stockings VENOTEKS® improves blood circulation, prevents swelling and heaviness in the legs, helps expectant mothers to maintain good health.

What is graduated compression?

Pregnancy without varicose veins!The graduated compression — it's the pressure that physiologically distributed in the leg. Maximum pressure VENOTEKS® has on the ankle area and towards the hips level of compression is reduced. A similar dose-pressure distribution does not allow the blood to stagnate in the veins and helps to restore normal blood flow.

— Do I have to wear compression stockings if the swelling and spider veins do not?

Indeed, in the early stages of varicose veins visible signs of the disease is not present. However, during pregnancy the expectant mothers are changes affecting the venous system. Increased body weight, thereby increasing the load on leg veins. Blood volume increases, the pressure on the walls of the veins increases venous vessels dilate — normal outflow of blood from the legs is broken. The weakening of the vein walls tone is influenced by the pregnancy hormone — progesterone. Hormones provide a normal pregnancy and prepare the body for childbirth, making the connective tissue is extremely extensible. Therefore, if you do not protect the veins using compression stockings may develop venous insufficiency, disrupt normal fetal circulation, and this may contribute to preterm birth. Therefore, for the prevention of varicose veins compression stockings VENOTEKS® must be worn from the first days of pregnancy.

By the way, in tights for pregnant women have a special insert on the expandable stomach. This is done on purpose, so you can wear them for the duration of pregnancy and at the same time feel comfortable.

As compression hosiery affect the child's development?

Pregnancy without varicose veins!Compression hosiery is safe. Moreover, it has a positive impact on child development: stimulates the flow of blood from the legs to the organs of the abdomen, improves blood circulation and provides the conditions for the normal development of the fetus.

Protivovarikoznye tights can be worn without taking all day or need to take a break?

Tights VENOTEKS®  Socks designed for continuous throughout the day, at night only necessary to remove them in order to work vessels themselves. Otherwise, the body can save the state of compensation due to compression and "lazy."

— Do I have to wear compression stockings in the hospital?

Going into the maternity ward, along with the essentials will certainly bring a special stockings VENOTEKS® for delivery. During childbirth is a great loss of blood, and the body as an integrated system responds by increasing blood clotting, that is, increases the likelihood of blood clots.

If you already have a disease of the veins, then there is a risk of thromboembolism with the most serious consequences for health. Embolic stockings protect women during childbirth on the development of venous thrombosis and its complications. To give birth in compression stockings VENOTEKS®— Means to take care of the extra security for themselves and their child.

At the end of our conversation, I would like to wish everyone good health and to remind our dear mothers: in order to maintain their health and to protect your baby should:

KNOW, that varicose veins — a serious disease.

SEE — "Asterisk", "mesh" and swelling in his legs.

Pregnancy without varicose veins!ACT — consult a specialist — phlebologist, who will select the desired range of therapeutic interventions, including medications and drugs and compression therapy. Moreover, priority treatment and prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy, it is compression therapy, which has virtually no contraindications, and unlike pharmaceutical drugs, and thus provides a stable therapeutic effect.

VENOTEKS® — It is your victory over varicose veins!

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