Tribunal began over policeman accused of serial killings

Who is next to the building of the regional court in Grodno ninth morning was blocked traffic cars. Tribunal guarded armored police forces, the building passed only those who demonstrated agenda. Press (even municipal) in the courtroom are not allowed.
Alexander was arrested Sergeichik first year in Grodno. The investigation was clear evidence of his involvement in the murder of the girls in the neighborhood Devyatovka in Grodno.
As a result, investigation revealed another murder for his role, and the forthcoming verification Sergeichik results found sudden he killed eleven young ladies and 1st man. These crimes were committed in 2000 —2005x in Grodno and Grodno region. Dead body found in the districts of Grodno and Neman.
I managed to find a person who has worked with the Department Sergeichik of the Interior Ministry. That’s what says Ryszard Daminyuk:
Daminyuk: "Do not I can tell, that he then somehow misbehaved, but some antipathy to him was. He once tried to stay away, and I did not try to impose it contacts. "
Service in the Department of Conservation began Sergeichik Sgt. Later he graduated from the "excellent" by the Interior Ministry Academy and was promoted to company commander with the rank of lieutenant. He is married and has two children.
Ryszard Daminyuk knows that while the Department of Conservation is not got the best police:
Daminyuk: "When I came to work at the Department of Conservation — it is general, the number one of the latest services, which are usually collected all violators of discipline or those who are not really established himself in the service."
Also kills Alexander Sergeichik blame another 10 sin: theft and gun possession, stealing cars and stuff. Criminal case 30 has eight volumes, the tribunal called about 100 witnesses.
The investigation was conducted by the republican prosecutor’s office. Encompassing psychological and psychiatric examination of the accused admitted healthy.

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