Vera Liauchuk: Really looks so that the middle of the book Belarusian Polish Belarusians do not have an easy life

"Lim" this week in 1937 at the death of Grigory Ordzhonikidze prints Edward Samuylenko speech at the memorial meeting: "The white army could not stand Sergo Orzhanikide, they knew Orzhanikide — a great military leader and oploshki never will. Not once ran away from a pack of snow-white regiments of cavalry Orzhanikide without capturing caps … Comrade. Orzhanikide party and the country tasked to manage heavy industry — this key sector of life sotsyyalistychnay country. Orzhanikide And brilliantly performed this honorable and majestic significance of the puzzle. "
"Niva", year 1967. Vera Liauchuk writes: "It is true but it looks so that the Belarusian Book middle of Polish Belarusians do not have an easy life. And for protection This time Belarusian, I must say, the fault of the book itself. This book is not interesting. The middle 12 thousand less than half of Belarusian books ever no one will read, and they lie cloth unnecessary public libraries … They are all similar in color and size, in similar bindings are on the shelves and not entice the reader’s attention because no wealth zdrazhayuts own insides … Published by that time read more about this naked truth than merit meranyya successes of "Mikitavaga Lapot."
"People’s Will"
"Deputies headed by Sharetsky pretended as if they do not understand that they live in a totalitarian regime criteria, — notes on the pages of" People’s Will "on This week in 1997 Semen Bookchin. — Deputies continued to operate as if living in the country traditional democracy. Brute force they opposed totalitarianism nobility democratic procedure: quorum rules, the right interpretation of the Constitution … How do differently? Based on that, if not for the law? After all, if there is no law, then — chaos. All this is clear. But laws do not already acted not a year or two. "

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