Vox Populi: how to commemorate the victims of political repression?

Lady: "You should definitely pochetat memory of these people. They suffered for nothing. Certainly, in my opinion, need pochetat their memory. "
Lady: "Naturally, people have suffered for nothing. This, once states most hardworking people in the state paadsyakali hands. I currently own age in a very quite understand what it was a disaster." Reporter: "But, for example, in your city, possible would commemorate these people?"
Lady "Could would either cross ascertain what a commemorative plaque to do. "
Lady: "Naturally, it is necessary that the monument was for people to remember and know …"
Man: "No one worships, so nothing and no one cares."
Reporter: "In your opinion, should be do?"
Man: "Of course, it is necessary that the memory was. You can put a cross, or even better — a monument. "
Man: "It is necessary that for them to remember, the memory must be in their homeland. And it would be great to establish a monument inscribed with the names of who died for this country. "
Lady: "We have a monument countrymen who perished during the war, and there is a monument to the Jews who were tortured during the war.’s All."
Reporter: "You think this is pretty?"
Lady: "Yeah, I think, rather."
Lady: "There should be a special place, must be monument, because nowadays there are many people who do not appreciate this, and the memory of the people, it is imperative to honor — and so that our descendants will know about it too. "
Man: "Who knows him so hard say something. Look how many years have passed since the war, and only recently installed monument tortured Jews. And his people … Believe that it is necessary. "
Reporter: "What do you think?"
Man: "I believe it must. In our town such people may have little, but on the way, when you go to Streltsov there all farms were exiled to Siberia. All, without exception. "
Man: "It is necessary, for sure, pochetat human memory. Monument is necessary to put them. To any figures put it, they can, but ordinary people who died — not? They too need a monument."

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