World and time Leonid Shchemelev

Exposure takes one hundred percent galleries front hall of the museum. Exhibited several 10-s paintings from the vaults of the museum and the works that are the property of the master — the thesis of "Fun" made already in the distant 1959, to landscapes and naturmortav year 2007.
"Painter and time" — this title precisely defines the concept of exposure. And living, and experienced creator — war history of Belarus, its present-conceptualized in sudden species in expressive color politrila. Leonid Shchamyalou emphasizes that every time has its own color, his expression.
Shchamyalou as a painter and a citizen can not respond to the actions that it trevozhut but never renders directly — publicist, plyakatna. Just as in 2005 he embodied the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the form of a bouquet of flowers, and his vision of the events of spring 2006, revealed in an abstract composition, where the traditional outlines Madonna framed white-red-white flowers, ribbons, stretching into the sky.
"I wanted the traditional form to reveal the attitude of the highest vision systems present a day or, current relations and contradictions. Anything ", — says the artist.
The exhibition presents all genres beloved artist — bouquets naturmorty, landscapes, subject paintings, portraits. Middle of the last — many recognizable people in Belarus, close together or with whom he lived his life Shchamyalou, and reverence and love which he expresses through a colorful portrait.
That work in 1975 — "Workers muses." On it at the same table with a bouquet of cornflowers are sitting Vasil Bykov, Mikhail Savitsky, Igor Luchenok. Exhibited also already widely known portraits of artist Vitaly Tsvirko and writer Vladimir Karatkevich. And next newcomer work — a portrait of the famous artist Peter Bastard, who recently passed away.
Painter says about the painting: "That’s what Peter Drachyov. This — our man, a man who has made a unique, beautiful vision of the world. And the man he was fine. Effervescent Karatkevich Volodya knew, traveled around the country with him. So I flipped it. It is also a relationship to the world, which I was not cheap. "
Please February Leonid Shchemelev 84 years old. He did not look his age. Master is full of energy and creative plans. In general, once a day, he works in his own studio. This exhibition refers to a rehearsal before that exposure, which now plans to show the public in next year, in the days of its own 85th anniversary.
But why for almost half a century of creativity he first exhibited at the State Art Museum? Can not allow the authorities? In the artistic environment, perfectly understandable that Shchamyalou never run from office to office heads and begging. He engaged in creative work, and work made its way to the public and no exhibitions at the State Museum.
A natural on my part the wizard replied shyly: "It depended on many circumstances. Not because I have sought or not sought. I’m not wanted. We had the Palace of Arts. It worked fine. There’s more space for my paintings. I with delight exhibited their work there. Their show was extensive — and the number and size. It seemed to me, there fun. At the moment there is very difficult to put: there cold and some neabstalyavanasts. "

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