A. Milinkevich invited to the celebration together with Angela Merkel

Its slogan — "Provide human rights in globally. "
Ideas organization that bears the name of the first German Federal Chancellor, close to the principles of the Christian Democratic movement. One of the main principles of — International cooperation — namely, to support young scientists from around the world and those who wish to get a second institute in Germany education or defend a thesis. Branch organizations are now open in nearly all countries, in including pavdnevaevrapeyskih virtually all countries. Belarusian Consulate in Vilnius.
As reported on the website of the fund, a day or a central performance will be the performance of the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel about foreign policy In a globalized world, aimed at universal values.
Also on the agenda is worth a day or celebration performance of the Belarusian opposition politician, a favorite of the "For Freedom" Milinkevich. His topic — "Human rights, democracy and freedom."
The discussions will perceive the role of politics and representatives pravaaabaronchyh organizations from Europe, Asia, Africa, America.

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