A number of youth initiatives does not recognize Congress of Democratic Forces

The statement was signed by representatives of the Belarusian Youth Movement of America, the Internet community "third way" and a number of unregistered organizations.
Creators act "for real» bring together opposition forces, not for" consolidation "of the interests and ambitions of the favorites, and to defeat the regime under which Belarus is doomed to remain politically and economically underdeveloped."
"We want to offer a proactive counter dictatorship supporters to join us, and not to help simulate the fight in the" puppet kingdom "opposition," — said in a statement.
"We are allies unchanged ordinary activists -" ridge of the opposition ", but not imitative of party structures and their perennial favorites — said in a statement. — We reaffirm our non-participation in the activities of the coalition united» Democratic Forces and do not recognize the results of its Congress, believing that the opposition coalition actually mimics the strategy and the strategy of fighting the regime, which explains the stable opportunistic nature of its decisions. "

"Our strategy anticipates no dialogue with the government, but with people."

Creators statements belie dialogue with the government, proposed at a conference in Vilnius:
"We believe that the favorite opposition, being at the same table with people who, not without reason suspected physical liquidation own opponents betray those thousands of adherents, affected by the actions of the authorities in these years, Memory also untimely death from us politicians, journalists and businessmen.
Our strategy provides for a dialogue not with power, but with people, developing a shared vision of the future our country, based first at Belarusian interests. About» combining our forces, we will give way young people, not biased among the opposition to a real role in the fate of our country and the people, "- said in a statement.

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