About St. Joseph’s Church in Minsk passed worship

Now, a day of Belarusian Solidarity, about church youth was especially a lot.

Guy: What we have here at the moment — it is our position civilians. You can not, so we have time to break down the shrine. "
Guy: "In churches worship is conducted in the Belarusian language, and because the wrong shrine — is a blow to the language. This is in the tradition of our government."

Youth singing church songs

During the Mass, young people are also collected signatures in support of the ancient monastery walls. Believers they say that these signatures are already 10’s of thousands.
"Signatures are going everywhere: in institutions, in different organizations, on the street. Gather different people, because it God’s work ", — said one of the parishioners.
Pray for the shrine came also many famous people in including teacher closed by the authorities Belarusian Lyceum Lavon Barshcheuski together with her daughter.
"Fight for the return of holiness believers — all life in this fight. I could not respond when vyznat, that there is prayer. And then came together with her daughter, "- said Lavon Barshcheuski.

Lavon Barshcheuski together with her daughter in the midst of the faithful

One of the organizers Siuchyk Anna says that the prayers of the church Joseph organized around already two years, and now his fate remains uncertain:
"In the meeting took mon power, but there it was decided not clear. But whatever these people or decide they put their trust in vain that they can decide the fate of this shrine. It can be solved only by God. And those people who have taken over the function of God can solve unless your destiny. "
At the end of the Mass, the participants sang "God Almighty" and lit candles on the steps of the sanctuary. All this happened under the watchful eye of riot police officers and people in civilian clothes.

Candles around the church steps

• Protesters at the Bernardine monastery released from police, 16.05.2007

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