Aircraft will be the sixth generation drones equipped with artificial intelligence

Aircraft will be the sixth generation UAVs, equipped with artificial intelligence. This was stated by the head of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev. Capital Aviation Institute (State Research Institute) is ready to offer our customers not only their drones, but also a «stuffing» for their functioning. At the International Aviation and Space Salon «MAKS — 2013» will be presented to the true magic of robotics — a compact dual-band radar dual purpose MBRLS MF2.

This joint development of special electronic systems center management and MAI and the Company «Fazotron-NIIP.» The project has already passed bench tests, the developers are negotiating with customers. It should be noted that the NC CPM MAI — 1st Scientific Design Bureau, which was immediately engaged in the development of electronic systems, making their units and modules are also making preparations for their mass production.

That still regards itself development, its advantage — a relatively small weight (it is half the weight of the smallest aircraft radar) and lifetime (over 20 years). Functional MBRLS MF2 truly enormous. The system provides information on the state of the earth’s surface, atmosphere, waters, forests, transport and communications, areas of oil and gas production during the short duration of time. MBRL MF2 also able to provide data on the affected disaster areas. Radar can work during the day and provide clear evidence, not paying attention to the natural variability criterion.

Congestion in the flight information can be removed by its end, and when necessary can be reset in real time, which will allow rapid operational decisions. In the opinion of the developers, the complex can be proposed to equip the Ka-52, Mi-28N, Ka-62, etc. Ka-27/28

Development will be displayed on the board in the pavilion MAI «F4».

Invite the press to shield MAI. We are in the pavilion «F4» the shield № 23-24.

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