Alcohol and impotence

Alcohol and impotence

The terrible truth about impotence sounds improbable, but problem male impotence facing each drinker. Most of the drug alcohol men do not even think about the fact that there may be a problem. While these problems do not affect them. Usually impotence overtakes a man of 35-40 years, if not sooner. Many until faced with a similar ailment, just do not want to admit or even to believe that this all possible. Most listen to the advice of doctors, but believes that everything will cost. Especially in the early use of alcohol on the contrary a stimulant, increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, and most importantly — increases the duration of sexual intercourse. However cumulative effect of alcohol is terrible.

Reduced potency

The first begins to develop a conditioned reflex, which stimulates a man to drink before having sex. But over time, the potency begins to deteriorate, because alcohol inhibits sexual function and the nervous system. A man less and less want to have sex, but to himself explains fatigue, unattractiveness of his partner, stress, anything, without realizing that he is on the verge of impotence.

Faster the ejaculation

Following the weakness of sexual function comes rapid ejaculation, even greater reductions, lethargy erection. These phenomena can be called mild impotence. Then (suddenly drinking men) there comes a time when an erection does not arise at all. Having accepted this fact for a misfire (who does not happen!), It may not pay attention to the case, but such situations are beginning to be much more widespread, until it becomes clear.

There comes a psychological impotence

The weakness begins to insinuate partner, a man falls self-esteem, and, together with the physiological and psychological impotence is coming.

Why impotence occurs due to alcohol?

Long-term consumption of alcoholic beverages, as the analysis leads to pathological changes in the prostate gland. Over time, the erectile tissues of the penis lose the ability to fill with blood, and as a result, it becomes elastic, leading to a depreciation of sexual intercourse. Because alcohol disrupts the coordinated functioning of the nervous system, then the drinker reduced sensitivity during sex. This, by the way, also due to the duration of sexual intercourse during intoxication than men are so proud of. In fact, the signals of excitation and inhibition simply untimely reach areas of the brain, and the person disoriented.

The earlier man starts drinking, the more quickly finds inconsistency, often already to 25 years of his life he becomes impotent. If a man is addicted to alcohol later puberty (after 20-22 years), and in this case, his sexual function fade, but much more dangerous is that it starts to deteriorate psychologically, when it excites all the more primitive and crude things not related to the thin and high sensations. With age (around 40 years) interest in sex completely lost, because of the fact that simple stimuli are not attracted to, and more subtle ways of self-excitation of the mind is not capable of. As a result, sex becomes a man just boring, uninteresting, and this is the main cause of impotence, because after the reluctance with reduced number of sex and death sexual functions.

Some men believe that as a counterexample can lead people to consume alcohol, but "keep a stiff upper lip." But, first, this is an exception to the rule, and, secondly, in words, men tend to exaggerate their achievements and remain silent about the issues. Statistics insists the opposite: 50% of patients in the second and even the first stage of alcoholism, there are systematic violations of erection or even complete impotence. At the first stage of purification of the body can help, but we must understand that the best prevention of impotence is the maximum abstinence from alcohol.

Suffer from alcoholism and found signs of impotence? What to do?

First of all, do not wait until the problem worse. The sooner you contact narcologists, the better and faster restore potency. Please note that medical treatment of impotence is possible, but only if the refusal of libations, which means that the disease should be treated only as a package.

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