Ales Krawcewicz: Wednesday Blotting unique town Belarus

Correspondent "Ales, please remind the listener that occurs directly in Grodno. For what structure and why you need to fight?"
Krawcewicz: "The situation is very difficult in our town since Wednesday destroyed virtually unique in our country town, the euro itself town Belarus. Not counting the fact that individual buildings are destroyed (for example, on the street in the heart of the Socialist town Art Nouveau building in one of the wings of time Tyzengauz in Vilnius street), so still going, despite the protests of the public, carry out the reconstruction of the central square, an old bridge . And all this in spite of even the general development plan of the town, approved by Lukashenko.
Replaced in order to remove the trucks from the town center, its opposite, repeatedly increment there in close proximity to the unique monuments — the royal castles (an old and new).
Also planned demolition of 28 buildings, mansions built in 1920 — 1930. Many need to work to get them back, because they simply wish to carry, so there build houses for the rich. For disk imaging, received from people in power, "Guys from Russia that are interested."
"We can lose this city"
Reporter: "What will be the wording of questions, which the founders of the Grodno referendum to the people going to go?"
Krawcewicz: "We are looking for any method to delay the destruction of the town. Apart this city will lose.
Local referendum, which stipulates conducting appropriate law, we consider as a method of informing people about what is going on with the city. After all, for a wimp, especially uneducated, what vymastsili concrete tiles, expanded street it "perfect".
Intelligentsia, a small country in at least some just can not reach people. We weakly believe that a referendum will be held, because we know that the current government law does not apply, even those laws that are written in this very power.
The question, of course, must be worded very true — this will still be talking about. We’re a group will still be thinking about it. Should be discussed and the destruction of the historic landscape of certain buildings and the reconstruction of the center, first extension of an old bridge. "
"We pin hopes that the referendum process, we will be able to conduct his campaign"
Reporter: "Alexander, you want to hold a referendum. But it is necessary, in your opinion, in the conservation of historic buildings to person contact the Commonwealth?
Imagine that the municipal television show plot, where certain government representative to explain exactly what will be "perfect" as you state that is clean, that will be very comfortable, and the people, if they allow your referendum will come and support the government. Then in power or those who make this reconstruction, there is a real argument to say, "Here, the inhabitants of Grodno wish there because we offer." Is not there such a risk? "
Krawcewicz: "The risk is there, but, we hope that in the referendum process, we will be able to conduct his campaign — print leaflets in large quantities, publish occasional newsletters, magazines. And if this opportunity will be given to us (and all of this is foreseen by the law on referendum ), then we’ll see who wins. "
Correspondent "Today we conducted a survey in Vitebsk and asked the inhabitants of this town on the attitude to the destruction of monuments and their suggestions that should make public."

Reporter: "One of the respondents said that, in order to save the monuments, prayers should be carried out. It seems, in Grodno is already a prayer. "
Krawcewicz: "Prayer is never enough. A survey of Vitebsk, it seems to me that a journalist who accompanied him, well put question.
You can put the question differently, even back to tell about dilapidated buildings that interfere with movement in which people live in terrible criteria, then it is not clear how people will react.
There must be very Processed company — to open to people the value of these monuments. "
"Certainly should appeal to international organizations"
Reporter: "Does it make sense, in order to save the monuments, appeal to international organizations if they can act?"
Krawcewicz: "Absolutely. I know that Alexander Milinkevich sent an application to UNESCO. During a meeting with Milinkevich in Grodno, where we had read just about the dilemmas of preserving the town, I asked him to organize the arrival of European ambassadors in Grodno and provide information support this soon.
Since we are afraid of international resonance. At the moment, fear, because after the scandal with the Russian authorities and to hunt a little bit with the West, and make contacts with Europe. I believe that it is very fundamental nuance.
Poles need to knit in, as some ladies who are going to destroy, built in the interwar period, during II Rzeczpospolita. I think that should certainly appeal to international organizations. "
"In times of Russian Union of Belarusians could not have 2-things: his own Cinématographe and restoration of architecture"
Reporter: "You’ve worked in Poland, taught. Or recall similar situations in Poland, so there championed public historical buildings? "
Krawcewicz: "Such situations were. But the attitude of the monuments in Poland did not go to any comparison with what we have in Belarus.
Here is a very short about 2-towns that are near Bialystok and Grodno. 70 km between them. Incomparable historical heritage. Grodno — the master’s, the royal city, Bialystok — town. But Bialystok looks in the sense of preserving the legacy even better Grodno.
For example, the Royal Train Station, Russian — with all the complex relationship to the Russian Federation — in Bialystok back, decorated. In Grodno Station was demolished in 1984. Royal parks we have utterly destroyed. We could have their Lazienki, and not alone: Stanislavava, Ponemune. What Stanislaw August Poniatowski laid. A park in Bialystok Branicki hetmans little known in Europe magnate family, well maintained, expanded. No comparison.
In Poland, Prof. restoration is highly developed. Poles are invited to restore in all countries Europe and overseas. We restoration does not exist. During the Russian Union of Belarusians could not have 2-things: his own Cinématographe and restoration of architecture as it visual impact on people.
Reporter: "We are talking about the initiative of protecting monuments in Grodno. You understand that in Minsk under the risk adjustment and adaptation for a hotel complex last Bernardine Monastery. Will coordination or joint efforts? "
Krawcewicz: "It would be very great. Grodno Minsk organization helps a lot" Etna ", which specifically more intensively involved in the apprehension of excavation excavator last year.
But that’s to merge skaardynavatstsa, then surely need a special organization that will deal specifically with the protection of our historic cities. This applies not only to Grodno and Minsk, applies to all historic settlements of Belarus. "
"Balt-Slavic symbiosis with a predominance of the Slav element"
Correspondent "The most significant book your monograph called" Creating majestically Duchy of Lithuania. " This topic your doctoral dissertation. Work on behalf of a sudden for scientists. Ales what her surprise? "
Krawcewicz "Fact, that instead of Russian classical concept that the conquest was accomplished Lithuanians Belarus, I came to the conclusion that there had been virtually alliance between Belarusians and Baltic residents of the country in which the dominant role played by the Belarusian elite, since at that time, to the middle of the XIII century, when this alliance occurred, by the Lithuanian were warlike, martial princes, by the Belarusian had the means, civilization and traditions of life in the state. In short, my concept — it Balt-Slavic symbiosis with a predominance of the Slav element. "
Beginning to realize important in my life series — "Life of the majestic Dukes of Lithuania"
Reporter: "You’re a member of the Union of Belarusian Writers for" children’s books "as they call themselves. What it did for books? "
Krawcewicz: "It turned out that the first 1990s, I decided that, apart from the dry scientific works, which are known to the narrow circle of historians, and others need to write, and to expand the knowledge on. GCAP Cherniavskii Misha, who inspired me to this case, I started writing little books for kids.
The first was the "Master of our ancestors" — about a fascinating archeology of medieval towns and castles in Belarus, was later book "Grodno castle" for younger students with illustrations by Sergei Hareuski and building renovations Grodno castle on different eras, then book "Majestic Duke Vytautas," after "The Teutonic Order (from Jerusalem to Grunwald)" — it’s all in addition to scientific research.
And at present series was launched, it seems to me, the most important in my life — "Life of the majestic Dukes of Lithuania." Came the first book about Mindaugas. The press is a book about Voishelk. He graduated from writing about Gediminas. And so to the end of life — all about the majestic Dukes of Lithuania: show the country’s history through the biographies of certain people. "
Correspondent "Ales, the end of the conversation our usual question. What do you believe?"
Krawcewicz: "I believe in God. Believe in the outcome of the work. Believe in what those people, are doing something, God protects. I believe in Belarus, although every year this faith more and more difficult to maintain. "

Ales Krawcewicz was born in 1958 in Mosty region. Archaeologist, historian, examine Belarusian Middle Ages, the political history of stateliness Duchy of Lithuania. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Doctor.
Creator of a number of books in which is aware of the real culture of cities, towns and castles Ponemon XIV — XVIII centuries. He has some books about peace and Mir Castle, Castle of Grodno, on the Teutonic Order. One of the latest books devoted to the majestic Duke Mindaugas.
The most significant work of Ales Krawcewicz book is "Creating majestically Duchy of Lithuania", which became in a sense a sudden for Polish, Lithuanian, and also some Belarusian historians who adhere to an old Russian concept. Creator shows Belarusian independent approach, look at the creation of this majestic state.
Ales Krawcewicz — one of the founders of the Grodno Club historians and one member of the group of intellectuals, that is going to register the activities of the group for the preparation of the referendum on the dilemmas of urban reconstruction Grodno.

• Alexander Milinkevich requests complete destruction in Grodno

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