All detained participants Chernobyl Way shares released

The incident occurred on the street M.Bogdanovich. Group of young people surrounded the police and special forces soldiers began to beat all. People thrown into buses fitted. During the "Chernobyl Way" twice clashed with police.
City officials two hours before the "Chernobyl Way" gave the order to close the cafes, shops, a pharmacy and Central Mall. Yakub Kolas was blocked by police commandos. People who this time going home or for the children in the kindergarten, resented the authorities’ actions. Participants of the "Chernobyl Way" believe that these measures are not affected by the number of participants. Here are some of their submission:
Maria: "The fact that they have created — their big mistake. During 1-x, advertising, in-2 grows discontent of people who have not previously been involved in politics and I think that will soon burst. That what happened, very ugly, because now a day of mourning and it is such a very unusual event. "
Alexei: "In stock had a lot of flags, many youth organizations. Although they can close all the shops, but it does not scare the young and not suspend. "
The procession started from the Academy. Street Surganova police blocked the right lane towards Bangalore Square. They declared through sound-amplifying equipment, so people moved to the roadway. But a few meters to the street Kolas traffic police began to seek, so that people have left on sidewalks. There at that time to make repairs — asphalt was not a heap of sand and pavers. The applicants requested the SAI employees to waive the requirement, as multi-million tower to go on such sidewalks was unsafe. Says Anatoly Sidorevich:
"It was a provocation of clean water. Because I believe that they really wanted to repeat the situation October 17, 1999. Remember when bitter about the park began throwing building rubble?"
As people crossed the street Kolas shop around "Music" came second incident — commandos rushed in and tried to take out a lot of some Young people. SWAT police colonel Yury Padabed ordered soldiers radioed from the crowd and leave people to calm down.
Traffic police blocked traffic on the street with their cars. Since the sidewalks was not enough space, demonstrators took to the roadway, but a few minutes later the commandos drove them on sidewalks. After, people at the chapel lit candles, prayed for the victims of the Chernobyl disaster and Belarus, the protesters began to disperse. Most of them went in small groups in a side street Bogdanovich on public transport stop. There, in front of the restaurant "McDonald’s" special forces surrounded a group of about one hundred square meters of people to select a white-red-white flag in the middle of the crowd. At this people very beaten, including, feet.
One damsel broke his nose, she started to bleed. The detainees were thrown into buses fitted. 16 people were taken to the police of the Central District. Franak Vyachorka says:
"The authorities can not no arrests. Even in this day of mourning, April 26, she went to these aggressive, ugly steps. Authority was able to complete the action peacefully, beautifully, and ended it as usual."
Observers do not exclude that may repeat last year’s history, when the subsequent day after the action caused all applicants and put them for 15 days.

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