Analysis of the milk flora (inoculation of flora)

Analysis of the milk flora (inoculation of flora) — laboratory research, allowing forThe limits of the bacterial flora of breast milk.

As shown by the analysis of milk on the flora?

In the analysis of breast milk on the flora determine the number of different microorganisms — "good" and "bad", the presence or absence of growth, as well as check out what medicine (an antibiotic) is best detected by killing the pathogen.

What are the indications for the study on the flora of milk?

  • mastitis in lactating women;
  • dysbiosis in children who are breastfed and mixed-fed infants.

How to prepare for the study of the flora of milk?

The research carried out before prescribing antibiotics for mastitis and a few days after the end of treatment.

How to collect breast milk for analysis?

Before decanting hands and breasts treated with soap and water, nipples and peripapillary area with 70% alcohol, each handled by a separate iron ball. The initial portion (5-10 ml) decanted into a separate bowl and poured, the subsequent 4 —5 ml decanted into a sterile container, without touching the edges of the container body. Milk is collected from each gland in a separate container, tightly close the lid without touching the edges of the container by hand.

What is the amount of breast milk is necessary for analysis?

To investigate sufficiently 4-5 ml.

What are normal results of the analysis of breast milk?

Normally, there is no growth of pathogenic bacteria.

After some time you need to deliver the milk container in the lab?

Milk prior to shipment to the laboratory must be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

What are the dates of performance analysis?

3-6 working days.

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