Analysis of urine nechiporenko

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Analysis of urine nechiporenko — laboratory testing to determine the content of 1 ml of urine white blood cells, red blood cells and cylinders capable of evaluating the condition, the renal and urinary tract infections.

Why is analyzed urine nechiporenko?

Urinalysis nechiporenko used to detect infection if in the clinical analysis of urine revealed deviations from the norm.

What are the indications for the analysis of urine nechiporenko?

  • hidden inflammation in the kidneys and urinary tract;
  • hidden hematuria (blood in the urine);
  • monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

What kind of training is needed to study? 

On the eve should refrain from drinking alcohol, emotional and physical stress, do not eat vegetables and fruits that can change the color of your urine, do not take diuretics. It is not recommended to take a urine test for 5-7 days after cystoscopy and women during menstruation.

How to collect urine for the research?

Before urine collection should be performed hygienic toilet vulva, then collect midstream morning urine allocated immediately after sleep. To do this, the first amount of urine (15-20 ml) was passed, and midstream urine is placed in a prepared clean and dry container.

Can you store urine to nechyporenko?

The collected urine should be delivered to the laboratory within 1-2 hours.

How many days preparing for a urine test?

1 business day.

What are the normal levels of urine to nechyporenko?

  • leucocytes — 2,000 1 ml;
  • erythrocytes — 1,000 1 ml;
  • Cylinders — 20 in 1 ml.
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