Anatoly Titov: I laid in the genes zeal for knowledge of the past

Znatkevich: "Last week of the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus Lev Kryshtapovich coat styled" The Chase "and a white-red-white flag" ahistorical symbols. "Like you comment on this?"
Titov: "It’s cumbersome to comment as a shamanic zakliknanne … Why is ahistorical symbols? If this symbolism has an age of more than 700-800 years old when she was legally assigned to the Belarusian land, why is it ahistorical?
Our forefathers lived with this symbolism from the early 15th century, it is recorded on the flags during the Battle of Grunwald. This symbolism official ON Charter approved in 1566, the monument of Belarusian legal thought. It states that each county must have a seal with the emblem of "race". So read that this ahistorical symbols — at least spell. One must respect the historical facts. "
Znatkevich: "Kryshtapovich even said that today’s municipal coat of arms and flag are not brutal and humanistic content and friendly — unlike the state signs …"
Titov: "Can any thing, the composition having a brutal temper? These are people assigned certain properties one or another phenomenon. Rider Blade on Chases — is patron of the motherland. Generally there were several sources that influenced the formation of the coat of arms of Chase and its consolidation . One of these sources were images of 2-saints, the first East Slavic Saints Boris and Gleb. Coat Moscow — Jora Victorious — is the iconography of St Gleb. A iconography of St. Boris — this knight on a stallion with a blade. "
Znatkevich: "And here’s another quote: member of the Heraldic Council under the President, Doctor of Historical Sciences Sergei Rassadin, said that" the color and composition of the municipal coat of arms of Belarus reflect the social sense of the country, based on the belief in goodness and justice … "
Titov: "Here I would mention Grandpa Lenin expression" corrupt doctors to practice state-owned salary. "That’s all. Nor can any emotional color properties to pay one or another emblem. This occurs in the human brain. Fact that he wants to create, then he sees. "

Znatkevich: "That’s what people on the streets of Polotsk had read that they would want to build on the arms of their own kind. Comment, please."
Titov: "What we symbalevaya base, and is thinking of our people. Which means to have their own coat of arms? Historically arms granted to the person who showed himself at the service of the Fatherland, and not so much that someone wanted painted. Same on What they say — it marks the post-Soviet symbols. And the same storks, etc. … So it is impossible to treat Heraldry … "
Znatkevich: "How do you feel about the fact that at the moment local authorities in many cities and towns make new emblems?"
Titov: "I believe that it is a sin before history, before heraldry. Belarus about 100 cities had Magdeburg Law and possessed eternal arms. We can only get closer to unraveling why one or the other was the emblem graphic, artistic or any other incarnation of the town . But with confidence, we can not say why it was manufactured. A new education — it is the devaluation of heraldry and ideas city emblem. 400 years, Belarusian town received about 100 coats of arms. Now I do not believe how many new emblems created because we did emblems towns, districts, at the moment arms of the village council have started to do, and so makarom adjusted to delirium. This can not be.
I understand this: for example, some city spends Dozhinki and the president gave him the coat of arms. Or revived spetsy Heraldic Commission if they can do … And here is the principle: ceiling, finger, floor … "
Znatkevich: "Not counting heraldry, sire Titov, you also specials on sfragistytsy, the science of printing. Fascinating What can be found in the press?"
Titov: "Any printing — an artifact some time. But the analysis of the entire group of seals leads to a very exciting conclusion. When I analyzed more than a thousand seals, then singled out such periods the history of Belarus, which did not coincide with any Russian peryyadyzatsyyay nor with the current. print — it’s about» neidealyagizavanae impartial witness history. "
Znatkevich: "I uttered that your mother, who was a historian, taught you:" Never studied the history, because each brand new rulers will speak modern history. "Why did you not listen and did BSU Department of History?"
Titov: "I can, in the genes inherent desire for knowledge of their own past. General, I wholeheartedly engaged in the feudal period, which did not touch the truth, nor kapmartyynyya power, but our interests somehow crossed. My first book delayed appropriate agencies for seven years … Yet some representatives of the authorities helped me, for some perspective beheld in heraldry. "

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