Ancestors of American fashion legend Ralph Lauren came from Belarus

On their own roots 67-year-old designer was revised to read not so long ago. He told reporters that when he was small, his ancestors at home talking in Russian, Polish or Yiddish, when you do not want, so the kids understand that they discussions are.
Ralph Lauren believes that his family comes from Russia, as his forefathers had left the former Russian empire, but Actually he calls zapadnobelorusskie town that in the 1920’s, when there went to America his forefathers were part of Poland. Ralph Lauren told that his father was born in Pinsk, and that he had often heard of it, but had no idea where it is.
Santa Lorena Shlomo Lifshitz Pinsk left with her daughter Maria and Frank offspring, the future parents of the famous designer. Frank met his own future wife Frieda Kotlyar already in New York, and fashion designer currently recalls: "My mother was born in Grodno. Do not know where it is, but my ancestors ever were that Pinsk — a big city, and Grodno — that something like a settlement. "
Ralph Lauren presented his roots exactly at the moment when in Moscow Tretsyakovskim passage reveals his big company store. Maybe now that Ralph Lauren came to Moscow for her discovery, he finds out more about the Belarusian town from which his ancestors had come. He states that feels very excited arrival in Moscow.
Reporter "International Herald Tribune" in this article from the Russian capital says that this big city "is very far from malehankih farm in Belarus, where it grew zelenavokaya mom designer", but yet, the designer, which is called the founder of the South American style, with his arrival in Russia Tipo "back home."
Lauren — eminent and prestigious designer who embodied the South American dream and in his life, and in a fashionable style, made by him, and he works well in fashion 40 years. They say that the secret of his models in that it — "great style, which allows a person to look nowhere as if his forefathers had mines, factories and collections of old master paintings." (Nikolai Uskov, "GQ")
In This year Council recognized the U.S. designers Ralph Lauren fashion legend — indeed, perhaps, the first time such a title awarded to a descendant of immigrants from Belarus. His odezhku are masters and presidents, but a suit by Ralph Lauren — this is not something luxurious and extravagant, and first — style and elegance.

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