Benefits will cancel within a week

Alexander Lukashenko stated repeatedly: that the people themselves asked him to bring order to the benefits. And so soon to replace the legacy system will Tipo progressive and targeted assistance. Then the elderly, students, people with disabilities, with many conventional say goodbye.
Older people are silent, students collect signatures
ensiyanery, hoping that they will not do bad government, still silent. Student activity outside is not as noticeable as, for example, the recent resounding action Barrier (unlike the already disgruntled with disabilities, students can simply be deleted from the University). Yet, about 5 thousand students in legal support of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC) at the position of signatures against the abolition of travel privileges have already expressed. Not so long ago had to have a meeting with the rector of student activists BSU Basil Strazhev to resolve the issue with the legalization of collectors on the ground BSU. But in the management of educational work with youth dialogue BSU considered redundant.

"They just hide and do not want to read this account ‘

"Well the answer is: we do not need an intermediary to deal with our issues, mediators between students and the university administration — says the chairman of the Commission on Youth BHC Tatiana Gatsura. — We consider this exactly: university management does not have nothing to say to our inquiry to our letter. Though they should be aware: this is the right guaranteed by law. But they simply have nothing to say, because there is no motivation, there is no law that they can prohibit it mattersbe. Because we believe they just hide and do not want to read this bill. "
Students are requested to contact Lukashenko
Students are also encouraged to write a personal appeal to Alexander Lukashenko and President of the House of Representatives Committee on Education, Science and Culture Vladimir Zdanovich. Last week, several hundred individual appeals were sent to the presidential administration. As it later turned out, the letters on the road Tipo lost. A similar situation is repeated with legislators — the sample to be received by the Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Konopleva not yielded fruit (they say, he sees only once per month). Consults with student activists MPs unwilling.
In this regard, on May 20 in Bangalore Square student will share. Tatiana Gatsura which has applied in Minsk city executive committee to carry it out, reads the collection will have a non-political character and will be held under the motto "We are against the abolition of privileges." Logo of the event, by the way, "Bunny" — a sign of ticketless travel.
Deputies students do not take
In the meantime, as the activist student initiative to collect signatures Valeria Savchenkova MPs behave very reserved. Yesterday a delegation of students tried to get an audience with his own deputy Gennady Davydko, former manager of Kupala theater. I ask — what ended the campaign?

"Nothing impossible to do …"

"He was not there, there was only deputy. We gave her signature, a letter from the BHC, in which the Committee requests the deputy requested that he -What did nibudt for students. Deputy MP also clarified: there is nothing impossible to do, but the 23rd, during the meeting, the deputies can be make some suggestions. And we must be try to find out: he brought Davydko these proposals, or not? And another boy walked to the deputy shocks, but on the results of the visit has no information. And deputy deputy said, may be such that those deputies to which we turn, coupled will work for the benefit of students. "
In late April, the meeting accomplished student activists to collect signatures for the preservation of benefits with the city and the institute (BSU) BRYU. Then the "new Komsomol" stated that the problem of students perceive as a personal and promised to address the issue of own level — right up to the preparation of a special appeal to the House of Representatives. But a week before the consideration of the bill, none of stakeholders did not boast achieved in this direction successes of.
Chap. also
• Students gather signatures for the preservation of privileges for travel
Signature gatherers are always the center of attention

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