«Boeing» A laser SDB

The Boeing Company has received from the U.S. Air Force contract to develop and test the latest version is going to manage small diameter bombs LSDB series SDB (small diameter bomb) weighing 113 kg (250 lb), reports flightglobal.com June 28.
The company claims that the LSDB, kitted out only semi-active laser guidance head instead of three-regime GOS (radar + infrared spectrum millimeter semi-active laser +) available on the GBU-53 / B SDB II design Raytheon, can do many of its functions. Guided munition with a lightweight designed to engage moving land and sea targets.
Ammunition, equipment such as laser seeker, as well as managed aircraft munitions JDAM (joint direct attack munition), is able to adjust the shot while in flight to the target. Adjustment is made with the introduction of flight standard laser equipment of the U.S. Army. In addition, the introduction of the standard will allow GOS increase yearly production rates of both types of instruments and, ultimately, lead to a reduction in prices of both programs.
«Boeing» reports that the file is able to perform LSDB many of the tasks entrusted to the SDB II tri-mode guidance, but still recognizes that it can not be used against targets in zero visibility criteria. Millimeter range radar homing installed on SDB II, allows for ammunition onto targets through rain, smoke or dust Zahav.

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