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According to the online edition of the South American Huffingtonpost "Voting against Belarus — is a vote for the Council of the UN." As the newspaper writes, preparatory UN human rights structure — Commission on Human Rights — has caused a lot of criticism and "resembled a fox guarding the henhouse." If a year earlier UN decided to rectify the situation to make a new human rights body, many welcomed it. But membership in recent Rada such distant from the democratic values of states like China, Our homeland, Cuba, Sudan and the nomination for election unopposed basis of Belarus, where "terrible human rights in Europe", has caused a huge disappointment in the midst of political and human rights groups.
Huffingtonpost writes: "Elections May 17 can hardly be called elections. 5 from three United Nations regional groups offered so called "Untainted" or agreed "lists" of candidates. As a result, the remaining members of the Board have no choice but to accept the conditions. The exception was perhaps that Bosnia, which declared his intention to run. This gives hope Belarus — country with the worst human rights condition in the midst of other contenders — will not take place in the Council. "
In a conversation with the Freedom famous German diplomat, chairman of the non-governmental organization in Berlin "Human rights Belarus " Hans-Georg Wieck said that, too, wish to believe in it:
"I, of course, I would like to assign to that elections will be held, as a result of which the candidature of Belarus will not pass, but their arguments, to be sure of this, I do not."
According to the diplomat, he was very surprised, what’s happening, because "many human rights activists have been some hope. than once stated that a member of the Board will never be offered a country that does not meet the highest standards in the matter of human rights"
Meanwhile invariable representative to the UN in Geneva Sergei Aleynik learned in an interview with the Council urged the UN "to move away from a policy of confrontation and focus on constructive assistance." "We have a unique chance to look at the knitted things, to build a universal system for the latest assessment of the situation with human rights," — said Aleinik.
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