Brest tribunal in eliminating old town

Department of Justice is considering a lawsuit Brest Regional Tribunal. Justice Department asks the Elimination public associations "Old city", as it has no constant office space, and the statute does not spelled this brand new norm, as the "subject of the organization."
With all this bureaucrats explained to members of the council organization that it means. Not accepted and explanations about that "old town" in the address there is a legal newspaper "Brest Courier" and constant space for the organization’s simply not necessary.
Girlfriend says council organization "old city" Anastasia Ilina, who was present at the hearing:
"There was a debate, the facts and arguments on both sides have been filed. Prosecutor claimed to eliminate the company. On present day very narrow field of legal existence public associations or organizations.
In general, despite the fact our check will be retained or not, we as an organization or as an individual will continue to pursue our activities. "
"Old town" since 1992. Members of the organization will explore and popularize the medieval history of Brest, caring about the protection of old and installation of new monuments to outstanding Brest.
They arrange and conferences — so "old city" organized international "Festival of Brest peace." Efforts of the organization returned to the town coat of arms.
Why did the authorities achieve the elimination of this organization and to recover from her legal expenses? That outlook human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich:
"Unfortunately, it is appropriate Belarus phenomenon in the last 4 years, since 2003. All this comes as part of a campaign aimed at the elimination of non-governmental organizations that are not controlled by the government and occupy an independent position.
And these formal slinging used offices and the Ministry of Justice for the elimination of non-governmental organizations very often. "
By Anastasia Ilina in Last year Brest eliminated non-governmental company "heirs" and fund "Tower".
Judgment in the case of "old town" will be announced tomorrow.

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