Caricature of Putin — the best in the world

«World Press Cartoon» — One of the most noble international competitions artists and cartoonists satirists, selecting the best works written in the leading magazines in the world.

In Last year in almost all Muslim countries, widespread protests caused by the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
In 2006 May the central newspapers of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to one day come out with a sharpened cartoons Alexander Lukashenko. They pushed to such joint action criminal case, institutions in Belarus for satirical cartoons online Lukashenko. Slovak newspaper "Sme" printed, for example, the image of Lukashenka, Belarus holds in the cell, either in the form of Lukashenko hockey player with a stick fell through the ice and polynya resembles the outline of Belarus.
Slovak created these cartoons about Martin Sutavets Lukashenko believes that the case of the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad showed the power of this genre of art, and now must justify cartoons that dictators have no place in Europe.
In sakviku 2006 Belarus Supreme Economic Tribunal decided to close the independent newspaper "Consent". Ministry initiated the elimination of disk imaging, which had previously issued two official warnings edition. Exhibited newspaper warning relating to the publication of caricatures of the head and the country, as images with printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Indicted publishers "Concorde" dubbed imaginary and judgment — politically targeted.

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