Celebration ceremony becomes a treasury

Valery Karbalevich, "Perhaps nowhere in the world anniversary of the victory over fascism is not celebrated so grand as in Belarus. However, these very palityzuyutstsa celebration. Segodnyaschy power presents itself as the heir of the Victory, draws a parallel between the rage in the last war and the current pressure on Belarus from the West. Moreover, bezotstupno accounts thought that majestic Russian war — is the main support, the foundation, the source of the formation of the Belarusian civilization.
This year Victory day is celebrated on the background of the events in Estonia. Belarusian municipal media first TV, gave much attention to these events, did contrast, in Belarus appreciate monuments to those killed in the last war and in Estonia. Pickets were organized around the Estonian embassy in Gomel protest rallies in the workforce. How can you to comment on that? "
Narrator: "There were two performances Lukashenko dedicated days of Victory. Speech May 8, when he was handing municipal services. And performance on May 9 Victory Square.
May 8 Lukashenko said that at first his own presidential life he promised veterans that the country will be collected, will be cleaned up and will reach the level of Russian life time. And he makes a report that Russian level we jumped. So to speak, accomplished the feat.
According to Lukashenko, the actions in Estonia and Poland suggests that only the Belarusian people, the only one in the world that preserves the memory and monuments of victory over fascism. "
Pavljuk Bykovskii: "It must be emphasized that the events in Estonia in relation to tons of Belarusian media in comparison with Russian quieter without rabies.
From the outset of Lukashenka’s presidency zabugornye media called it "Russian doll". Although currently in Belarus Russian saved signs, traditions, but the actual filling them changed. For example, at the moment there was a bill repealing the benefits, some of which are installed more Russian People’s Commissars. And maybe segodnyaschy propaganda machine works by inertia. "
Podgolov: "I would point out three areas of state propaganda. First — this radio-electronic media, who angrily denounced the actions of the Estonian authorities.
Second destination — the newspaper "Russian Belarus" where Estonian actions valued at more relaxed and properly even criticized people who smashed shop windows on the square.
And the third — that of Lukashenka, who said that the act of Estonia and Poland (where liquidated Russian exhibition at Auschwitz) cause anger and resentment. So makarom, it tends to be on the top of the disturbance wave actions of the authorities of Poland and Estonia. "
Either this is not converted into treasury prazdnichek rite?
Karbalevich: "But does not it seem to you that the interest with which Belarus celebrated this prazdnichek, presently slightly asleep? Here, for example, for the first time always Lukashenko own rule not addressed the festive meeting dedicated days of Victory, which took place yesterday. Instead he made a speech Prime Sidorsky. What does it mean?
And now the usual parade of veterans, the beginning of which was scheduled for the 11th hour was late, Lukashenko appeared exclusively at 11:35. On a background of endless official statements about how respectfully refer to veterans here, making people age in such Incline expect more than an hour a day, for sure, not very well. So prazdnichek converted into official rite? "
Podgolov: "Even during a speech in the National Assembly with a message Lukashenko said, that at the moment all great responsibility for the situation in the country will be borne by the Government. In other words, it will fall all sins. In this context and should be viewed at a gala performance Sidorsky meeting.
Speaking May 8 Lukashenko stated that thanks to the veterans we have done Belarus if not thriving, at least applicable to your life and your kids and grandchildren. In other words change slogans targets is more moderate.
Because Sidorsky festive meeting should explain why Belarus is no longer thriving. After all, too many veterans claim to power. "
Bykov: "Certainly, there is reason to believe that the celebration of the rite becomes a treasury. Two years Lukashenko specifically reversed back from Moscow to catch the celebration of the anniversary of the Victory in Minsk. But at the moment everything is different.
Certainly, there is a redistribution of images and opportunities in the nation. I think the rights of the sovereign Podgolov when states that do Sidorsky sacrificed goat.
Pay attention that not only benefits are canceled, and begins saving budget. For example, the municipal newspaper received a letter from the government, whereby those publications that do not have income, must shrink, merge, etc. If we in this country are starting to save for propaganda, they mean it. Because the problem appears on whom bring popular discontent. Certainly, the government. "
What is different today’s presentations Alexander Lukashenko?
Normal Lukashenko’s Victory Square was apparently designed in the classic format: the myth of the nation-wide struggle Belarusians charges today’s political enemies abroad and within the country. Were there any new accents? "
Podgolov: "Lukashenko identifying Nazis with the current NATO. Indeed, the organization also strives for world hegemony. And, as he believes, under the banner of the struggle for democracy, the current gegemanisty left bloody wounds in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. These forces tend to using internal destructive commit forces in Belarus "color revolution." But the Belarusian people, together with Russian opposes this. Here’s a paradigm offers Lukashenko. And it can be a signal activation of repression against the opposition.
Interestingly, speaking without notes May 8, Lukashenko improvised. He said that the Belarusians are always created by the victory of the entire population of the earth gave sparing half own people. Here keywords "sparing". This traditional Stalinism.
Referred to as the press conference Lukashenko stated that if NATO tanks will go to Moscow, the Belarusians will fall under these tanks. In other words, for sure, without sparing himself. But sociologists running Manaeva doctor asked such a question, and know that Belarusians are not very eager to go under tanks for foreign interests. "
Bykov: "I do not see any signals Lukashenko speeches on policy configurations. If a politician takes the driver’s position is very long, then his speech resemble an old plate with the same motives. All these points we’ve heard before."
Karbalevich: "Zeal use fundamental historical event for political purposes — a phenomenon known and widely spread in the world. Main thing that distinguishes Belarus — is the scale celebrations, monopolization and privatization authorities even this prazdnichka, severe lack of any public debate about the lessons of those events, that occurred many years ago, the imposition of a spectacle on its own history, its transformation into an element of state ideology. "

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