Chernobyl Way 2007: Live coverage

22:30 Now from the Central police station were 5 people who were detained after the "Chernobyl Way". Around bullpen stand another 60 protesters i expected to be released until other people. At the detainees were drawn up, but were fingerprinted, photographed, copied the names. Because most likely vessels after the stock will not. unclear why such a decision. Maybe authorities do not want to lure attention to the incident. middle of the detainees have minor, but their parents until they cause.
22:00 Now 16 detained participants "Chernobyl Way" are in the Central police station.
21:30 How is detention. Eyewitness:

21:20 The names follow detainees ( 1. Shamkalovich Yuri (1974) 2. Atakulava Lyudmila 3. Spirin fourth Ivan Krasnov Catherine fifth Galician Ekaterina second Syarheenka Nikolai 7. Ales Lisienko 8. Sergeev Vladimir ninth Vyatkovski Vyacheslav 10. Sokolovsky Valentin 11. Prenin Ales twelfth Prosenko Basil 13. Romashkevich Catherine fourteenth Sevtsova Julia
• Role Charnobyl Way took people of different ages and occupations: Students and youth, intellectuals, workers, the liquidators of the tragedy, the elderly. They held flags and banners, chanting slogans. With participants debated processions Galina Abakunchik:

• Liquidator of Chernobyl tragedy Misha Kovalkov from Bobruisk explained "Freedom" his role in "Chernobyl path".

By 21:19 the preparatory disk imaging, more than 20 protesters detained razvezli to the district and the Central Russian regions.
• Around the chapel told "Liberty" one of the participants "Chernobyl Way" explained to why she took part in the action:

20:54 The street Karastayanava to the Chernobyl chapel went two paddy wagons and a police jeep.
20:45 Soldiers SWAT police cordoned off the mass of people at the "McDonald’s" on the street Maxim Bogdanovich and started beating them roughly. People are beaten and thrown into carsbeads. Youth activists they say that detained more than 20 people detained last. Love Luneva:

20:45 On the street in front Surganova "McDonald" conflicts with riot police escalated into a hassle. "Chornakashulniki" made an attempt to detain demonstrators who refused to turn white-red-white flag. People are chanting "Fascists." Riot policemen try to surround part of the demonstrators. Contractions were caused by an attempt to detain a group of protesters returning from the rally. Our disk imaging detained Yury Zenkovich. People like firewood ukidvayuts buses. Fitted van. Youth chanting "Homeland. Freedom." In the battle suffered Anatoly Lebedko, who tried to rescue detainees. (
20:42 For disk imaging members of the BPF Youth, after "Chernobyl Way" detained one protester named Inakentsi Martynas-Sokolovsky. He was taken to the car, and the forthcoming fate is unknown. Love Luneva:

20:35 commandos forced people who vorachivayutsya the city, remove symbols. People are chanting "Shame" and "Long Live Belarus". Detention was not observed yet. (

20:30 Siuchyk: originality of today’s action — the active role of youth. With Vyacheslav Siuchyk discusses Hanna Sous:

20:20 Soldiers SWAT police seized several young people. Transmits Luneva:

20:15 impromptu rally ended. People do not crawl. Transmits Luneva:

20:15 Near Chernobyl memorial chapel held laconic rally — without sound equipment seized by police earlier in the Academy. Academician Ivan Nikitchenko read the resolution of the organizing committee "Chernobyl Way" with the social, political and environmental requirements.
20:00 Near Chernobyl Chapel memorial service began. The first chairman of organizing committee keeps its word "Path" Dr. Nikitchenko. (
19:54 About one third of the march for about Chernobyl chapel. In an interview with "Freedom" writer Olga Ipatova said: "I participated in almost all" Chernobyl Way ". Previously knew almost all the participants in the face. Currently, I see many new faces. Lot of fun, it’s young people."
19:50 head of the column reached the chapel. Transmits Luneva:

19:50 Dmitriy Fedoruk, an activist of the unregistered war states now last action when MF goes to Bangalore. (
19:45 For the manifestation followed diplomats of the European Union and the United States. Comment control department of the Swedish Embassy Eriksson: not so much how many people came, most importantly, people assured readiness to go. Pleased that reigns among the people such a positive attitude. (
19:40 Sergey Skrabets: To find out the truth about Chernobyl, you must change the power. Together with the demonstrators in the column is Anna Anna Sous:

19:40 Colonna came to Bangalore Square. The number of participants has grown demonstrations until at least 10 thousand people. (

19:30 Sergei Kalyakin views positively the action takes place. Acts police only assign her dynamism, youth warm up, adding to her excitement. (
19:27 Starting column approaching Chernobyl chapel, which is located near the street Karastayanava. End of the column still in the area of the junction of Surganova Kolas. By some estimates, the number of participants can reach 10 thousand people. OMON commander Yury Padabed to the correspondent of "Freedom" on the number of protesters said that does not see any 1st. Midst mottos carrying people there are, "Building latest NPP mention mistakes of the past", "We are against the nuclear reactor." On the one girl who is in a group of anarchist flags, wearing a swimsuit top and an inscription on the body: "No nuclear power plants ! "

19:25 Viktor Ivashkevich commends today’s "Chernobyl Way" notes the highest mobilizing people. It’s a shame only, he says, that Police violated previous agreements — Has pledged to pass band of protesters. (

19:20 Police squeezed demonstrators with roadway pavements. Hanna Sous transmits:

19:20 Demonstration approached the street setbacks. About supermarket "Riga" a demonstration followed the mass of people. They welcome protesters, photographed on the phones. (
19:15 They came two 10-ka police cars again pushed people on the sidewalk. (

19:12 Sergei Kalyakin, politician: "Belarus is currently a political and ecological Chernobyl, and" Chernobyl Way "- the requirement to get rid of the 1st and another." Alexander Volchanin liquidator "liquidators came to remember the dead and to remind that the liquidators can not take living benefits"
19:11 Near the junction of Kolas and Surganova conflict between the parties appeared Chernobyl Way and the police. Policemen tried to prevent people from moving on the roadway and began to snatch the young people from the column. Came demonstrators clash with police. Snatched were repulsed, the police retreated. After of people a symbol of protest came on the roadway. Currently column took half of the road. Were also seen people who have tried to make a fight with the demonstrators.
19:09 At the head of the column have a huge black banner "Chernobyl Way". After street Kolas cordon and police cars drove people on sidewalks. Among those who are at the head of the column — Ivashkevich Vyachorka Siuchyk, Sidorevich priest Leonid Akalovich. "Chernobyl buzz" carries Paul Batuev. (

18:55 "Chernobyl Way" goes down the street toward the Chernobyl Surganova chapel. Before approaching the Street column Kolas, ass is still at a crossroads and Surganova prospectus. How the column became dramatically grow the number of people. Their number exceeded 5, and maybe seven thousand people. Protesters are not so small that they blocked traffic on the 2-bands Surhanau Street. Shouting "Long live Belarus", "Freedom for political prisoners." Riot policemen returned movement on one side of the avenue Skoriny on the other side of the movement is still stopped. (
18:50 Demonstrators took to the roadway Surhanau Street. Hanna Sous transmits:

18:47 near the Academy of Arts cardboard riot police blocked traffic in the direction of the Library, including for cars. All directed to the street Surganova. There was a great jam. (

18:45 Column participants "Chernobyl Way" moved from the Academy of the street towards the square Surganova Bangalore. Marchers took half of the roadway. Front of the column is a group of young people who formed a symbolic composition. Some are dressed in blue overalls, and are holding a snow-white cloth. 2nd dressed in yellow robes and holding a black cloth. 1st symbolize hope and life, and others — radiation and destruction. At half the carriageway.
18:45 Milinkevich is the Academy. Autographs and photographed. He refused to go to Bangalore. (

18:40 People are moving to the area sidewalks J.Kolasa to the Academy. Transmits Luneva:

18:37 Yuri Zenkovich encouraged everyone to go to Chernobyl Chapel. People are starting to move on the sidewalks in the street Surganova. (
18:36 Delayed sound-amplifying equipment. People are tightened. Anarchists have flags, flags of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, the best part — the white-red-white. All square at the Academy zapruzhana people. Send warning, that the violation of the order will be used non-lethal weapons. (
18:34 Kurapaty held small requiem meeting Chernobyl victims, organized by members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. At the head of the cross Kurapaty under white-red-white flags gathered about 50 people. Read a letter from a favorite CCP BPF Poznyak. The Deputy Chairman of the Party Yury Belenky. Participants were videotaped people in civilian clothes. Recently the members of the CCP BPF authorities refused the offer to join the "Chernobyl Way" and requested the right to march from Kupala park before the October Square.
18:31 According to the organizers, the Academy of 5-6 thousand people gathered. The police did not have allowed to carry sound-amplifying equipment and warns protesters walked to Bangalore Square. They remind through megaphones that the rally at the Academy banned and if it would be carried out against the participants will use physical force.
18:30 Vecherko: Do Academy 5-6 thousand people gathered. Hanna Sous transmits:

18:26 Start of the column that is the avenue, went to the Academy. Total number of people can be estimated at several thousand people. In the hands holding portraits of Dmitry Dashkevich. (
18:20 Valentina Polevikova urged the crowd to move to the area J.Kolasa Academy. Transmits Luneva:

18:19 Wins the Academy has increased. At the Academy — about 700 people. Youth in capes with yellowish respiratarami and inscriptions "Chernobyl Way". A lot of people coming out of the subway. (
18:15 Yakub Kolas cordoned off by police and special forces. Transmits Luneva:

18:13 column moves along the avenue, has gathered about 2,000 people. It always grows when approaching the Academy. Malady distribute homemade pins. (
18:10 At the Academy appeared policies Andrei Sannikov, Stanislav Bogdanovich, Viktor Ivashkevich (one of the applicants for shares), Sergey Skrabets poet Gennady Buraukin, favorites BPF Youth Franak Vyachorka and Ales Kalita. Gathered more than a thousand people, mostly young people. Fit new people. Lots of flags: the white-red-white flags Belarusian Christian Democrats, Minsk flags, flags of the denim. Daughter of political prisoner ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin — Olga — holds a poster "Freedom to Kazulin".
18:05 At the Academy a few hundred people. Hanna Sous reports from the scene:

18:00 About the Academy began setting the scene. Cost of the number exposed squads. There are about 10 flags, banners. Here are Viktor Ivashkevich, Anatol Sidarevich number of organizers of the march. (
17:50 On Independence Avenue from Yakub Kolas to the intersection with the street Doroshevicha worth a mass of people. Such as weight on the back side of the avenue. Also, people who did not know about the collection site at the Academy are from the store "Lenok" almost to Kozlov Street.
17:50 About the Academy more than 100 people, constantly new approach. Midst of recognizable faces — politician Valery Frolov, Doctor, Academician Ivan Nikitchanka daughter Natalia Ales Adamovich. Many young people dressed shirts with the inscription "Chernobyl Way".
17:50 Department Store, Music Store "Prospectus" Supermarket "Capital", bukmekerskaya office in transit subway station "Pl. Kolas "shops" Yves Rocher "and" Euroopt "," Berghavs "and" Fuzhyfilm "does not work now after 16 hours for" technical reasons. " (
17:45 The organizers of demonstrations are about CUM. They say that they go to the Philharmonic. (
Around 17:44 presidential residence enhanced security, do not allow passers-by to walk on the sidewalks adjacent to the building. "Central" deli and "McDonald’s" do not work.
17:40 People stand around and around Lido CUM. Here and there by 50 people. Politicians yet. (
17:39 At the Academy a few 10’s of people. While the organizers of the "Chernobyl Way" no. Parking is prohibited in front of the Academy, there are police cars. Shops and cafes in the area of the Academy work.
17:30 All the shops and cafes near Yakub Kolas closed.
17:25 Yakub Kolas empty. All approaches to the area covered by the police and people in civilian clothes who are chains. Exits from the subway also covered.

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