Democratic forces are preparing for Congress

The organizers have applied to Minsk city executive committee for permission to hold a congress in one of the 3 rooms — expensive, concert hall "Minsk" or the Palace of Culture Automobile.
A similar letter was sent to Presidential administration.
Bukhvostau Alexander said that the committee intends to wait for a response before 16 May. If it will not, then Congress will be held outside the country. It is expected that it perceive the role more thousand people.
Congress will be held May 26-27. Bukhvostau Alexander said that this is a real and last date:
"If you tighten the solution to the problem of constructing the united democratic forces organizational, management, coordination, the consequence will be some omissions and inconsistencies. Necessary to take the documents you want to transmit to people. On my eyes, this critical date. "
Regional conference delegates posodeystvuyut shape an agenda for a day or Congress. They were held in Gomel, Minsk and Grodno regions. There are still three meetings — 10 May in Minsk on May 12 in Brest and Vitebsk and May 13 in Mogilev regions.
Bukhvostau Alexander said with a small margin that overcomes or other offer a day or agenda:
"If you take the full amount, then the election of the chairman of the political council of act 112 delegates and 117 favored the co-chairs. Election of the chairman of the political council During the congress serves 118, and on the political council — 114 people."
Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka regretted that the preparations for the congress is marked by unbridled ambition and hard-covered. He said that the main thing is the third question on the formation of the political council:
"Either it is formed by directly proportional representation delegates to the congress, democracy activists, which, in our opinion, is completely reasonable. Indeed, such an approach reflects the actual act, other international structures and their human potential.
Second approach — in which the fixed quota fixed for all. In including for virtual structures. He’s in some sense captures the current state. We support the current approach. "
According Vyachorka, need to adopt a strategy for the inclusion of practical work plan. And refer to the huge social groups that affect the overall political and economic crisis in the country:
"By the way, these groups are already starting to react. I express my deepest respects to wheelchair users, who have shown an example of a healthier and more than mobile, as guardian of the sacred right to be called a man to protect his dignity.
This is really the first call. This will continue. And if combined or separated the democratic forces are not urgently concentrate on doing their own strategies, and will be engaged in internal peravparadkavannem, they will lose just hopeless political initiative "- said Vintsuk Vyachorka.
Supporters Milinkevich’s press conference did not take the role. Viktor Kornienko said about the need to come to some result in a confrontation. He is pleased, that at the moment judge advocate regional coalitions. Kornienko skeptical Congress to conduct abroad, because he believes that may appear prepyadstviya a quorum.

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