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Recently, in aesthetic medicine more often used the combined effect of several physical factors at the same time. Do not just infrared radiation, and in combination with specific radio waves. Do not just vacuum massage, and in combination with the roller. This is not just cosmetologists. It is scientifically proven that the combined effect of more effectively because First, comes to the problem, so to speak, on all fronts. Secondly, properly chosen combination of factors leads to the fact that each action is enhanced.

The latest advancement in body shaping and anti-cellulite — apparatus VELA SMOOTH, Israeli company SYNERON. This device combines many as four types of effects: vacuum aspiration, roller massage, infrared light and bipolar radio frequency electrical energy.The unit Vela Smooth

What are the benefits?

Vacuum aspiration plus roller (mechanical) massage — completely independent method to eliminate cellulite. In aesthetic medicine, it is known as Endermologie or LPG (abbreviated name of the creator of the technique). This procedure increases the microcirculation of blood and lymph flow, activation of metabolic processes insubcutaneous tissue, which leads to equalization of the "orange peel".

Using endermoterapii enables users to reduce the volume, smooth skin texture (including scars) to improve muscle tone.

It would seem, what more could you want? But there is no limit. To enhance the action endermoterapii, the company has added to her SYNERON ELOS-technology— The so-called electro-optical Synergies: infrared radiation plus bipolar radio-wave electrical energy.

before treatment


Infrared radiation heats the cells and the intercellular fluid subcutaneous fat layer, in connection with which accelerated metabolism. Due to the local increase in temperature increases the microcirculation of blood, the cells are saturated with oxygen. All this leads to increased lipolysis in fat cells, and, therefore, to weight loss.

Further, infrared radiation is actively attracted to collagen fibers by heating them to a predetermined temperature, activates the synthesis of new collagen. As a result, skin becomes more elastic.

after treatment

This could be limited, but there is at infrared another interesting property: warming the tissue, it acts a guide to radio wave electricity. A bipolar radiowave electrical energy, in turn, also affects the damaged collagen subcutaneous fat layer increases metabolic processes, running new collagen synthesis, which subsequently leads to an improvement of the skin structure. It also helps to eliminate excess fluid, activates the process of fat digestion. It turns out that the two radiation as would be pushing each other — and give the order to the best effect.

Contraindications to the procedure on the unit Vela Smooth:

  • cancer,
  • diabetes,
  • some vascular diseases,
  • the use of pacemakers,
  • acute forms of certain chronic diseases, including skin diseases.

Thus, the device VELA SMOOTH can not only improve the shape and time to get rid of the external signs of cellulite, but also by restoring the destroyed structure subcutaneous fat layer, the result reinforces the long term.

Procedure has a relaxing effect and does not cause the patient discomfort and side effects.

Correction of figures using the apparatus consists of VELA SMOOTH8-12 procedures: reducing the volume has been observed for the first, and address the symptoms of cellulite — for5-7 Procedure. After completing the course may decrease the amount of 2 to 10 centimeters.

ELOS figure correctionThank you for the advice of experts Israeli Center of hardware cosmetology "Bathsheba"


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