England promises to help the repressed Belarusian

The most important of a series of interviews in London, which was about 2-10-s, Alexander Milinkevich behalf of the current negotiations with the British Minister for Europe Geoff Huns. Emperor Gong considered one of the most close to a possible prime minister of England, Gordon Brown.
"Reads the position of the European Union — said Milinkevich. — There is a debate about what should not, without any criterion to start cooperation with Belarusian authorities. I think that’s a mistake. In London, a shared view. They believe that the policy against dictatorship be moral. And therefore should be made known conditions that have long been formulated.
Read as well as on relations with Russia. In Britain, the less hope that in Russia will soon be a democracy. And the deterioration of the situation there for all clear. And though, of course, need to deal with Russia to build and democratic forces Belarus, but now through the democratization of Belarus Russia — this ghostly project. "

Alexander Milinkevich: "The highest policy states that will be very severe» seriously consider the ability of scholarships for students affected. "

Alexander Milinkevich hopes that his visit to England will give definite results — first Repressed for students and people who become unemployed because of his political activities:
"The highest policy level that address such issues were that they will be very SUR» seriously consider the ability of scholarships for students affected. And also for the unemployed.
I am sure that they will fulfill the promise. After Britain — a country where politicians are very sur» serious about their promises. "
• A.Milinkevich discussed expanding programs for the repressed, 16.05.2007

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