From Ukraine was reported that the journalist here for beating punished 14 law enforcement officers

Greetings to you on April 12! Ah well looked today in different years in the past publications Belarusian newspapers.
* Grodno "Glos prawdy" in 1927 reports from Minsk: "In connection with the upcoming Easter prazdnichkom Komsomol city into a huge holiday Saturday and Sunday suit" day of the wicked. "The program provides for the rest of the hike in the midst of the Communist Youth cartoons saints through the streets of the town, burning devils what must be images and effigies of the pope and top Orthodox hierarchs, etc. In addition, held conversations and reading rooms in the army and schools. "
"Creative workers Municipal Jewish Theater BSSR systematically studying" Concise History of the CPSU (b), "- wrote in 1947," Lim ". — When the theater organized party school. Artists, graduated from the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, now without the help of others studying the classics of Marxism-Leninism. To read them every month introductory lectures. Party members often carried out in kalyaktyve discussion on the international situation and the decisions of the Party and the government on the forthcoming of the national economy our country . "
* "In the old days of the Ukraine was reported that for the beating of journalist here punished 14 law enforcement officers — to inform 1997" Narodnaya Volya . "- Policemen are specifically involved in izymatelstvah over its correspondent of the newspaper" Pravda Ukrainy "by Misha Vasilishki Khmelnitsky region, expect to conclude the prosecutor’s office. But the chief of the Central Division of the city police dismissed, received two reprimands deputy head of the regional police."

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