G.Doybler-Gmelin: Belarus Membership in the UN is unacceptable

In an interview with «Deutschlandradio« deputy from the Social Democratic faction G.Doybler-Gmelin named scandalous that the nomination Belarus will considered among those countries that claim to become members of the UN. According to her, it could discredit the Company of the United Nations, which is generally in favor of maintaining the highest standard in question Human Rights.
"We must not forget that the election is done on the basis of choice, and therefore in order to vote on the composition of the UN Human Rights should allocate a greater number of candidates, "said Hertha Däubler-Gmelin. According to the deputy," in the latter case it is better to quit the place empty, but under no circumstances should you choose to countries such as Belarus. "

Another vote on the composition of the UN Human Rights held on May 17. With 14 seats in the Council of claim 15 countries — Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Denmark, Egipet, India, Indonesia, Italy, Qatar, Madagascar, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Slovenia, Philippines and South Africa.
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