Gomel: We have no coal, no oil. All imported

Man: "Ukraine buys oil at a cost, we — on the other. Accordingly, the price of gasoline different. "Man:" Just someone wants to fill their pockets, and in humans it — do not care. That’s an understatement. "
Man: "Ukraine, if wished for, on the corner could ride. And we have no coal, no oil. All imported."
Man: "Various fees for processing at the ready fuel. Prices at the moment we have gasoline similar to Europe, and wages are approximately three times less than in Europe. This — least. If wages were higher gasoline prices could be such. "
Man: "Maybe us reach more complicated resources, the oil itself. We as a transit country. Resources we have oil, but apparently, they go somewhere not there."
Man: "Ukraine is big. In their natural resources more. And we have that in Belarus? We have also a little oil. "
Man: "I guess life is perfect, and therefore gasoline itself."
Man: "Very expensive gasoline!"
Man: "I do not know why it is more expensive. But at least some approach the driver, and he will say that gasoline is very expensive. And the prices are rising and are rising. And wages — which were, are and have. Ordinary man is hard to make money on petrol contain car family. "
Man: "We also own no gasoline. Russian Oil and prices Our homeland sets. Ukrainians in Kazakhstan become cheaper. Their Kazakhstan there all the same neighbor."
Man: "gasoline went up due to the fact, Our homeland that imposed customs duties on oil. Here’s to you and answer. "

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