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Statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability moratorium on Russia’s role in the agreement on ordinary weapons in Europe caused a great resonance in the world. Previously, many Russian politicians have spoken out against the deployment of U.S. anti-missile radar in the Czech Republic and Poland. Is not this the beginning of the modern arms race? — Worry many of our listeners in his letters to freedom.
Edward Zenovich from Lida wrote his letter specifically inspired by the protests of Russian politicians. A listener writes:
"I wish to share my ideas on this subject with your radio, because other media not padelissya. Russian protests amaze me. Everybody is clear who directed against this shield — against missiles crazed rogue regimes that are ready for everything. Understandably, that need to be protected. especially nuclear power plants should be protected to prevent a second Chernobyl. We do have plenty nadyhalisya and have suffered — we’ve had enough. guard with a Kalashnikov NPP will not protect, and anti-missile system, I think, can protect.
Moscow says a lot of that in this case violated the balance of power in Europe. Yes it is broken for 20 years — from the moment when the Teuton Rust on their own sport plane flew all Russian cordon and landed almost at the Kremlin. After many a general’s epaulets got into the waste basket. I think that is true will make Poland and the Czech Republic, if the will to defend Europe (and once you and me) from the second Chernobyl. A Belarus them in this case should only support "

so says Edward Zenovich from Lida.
Belarus, sire Zenovich, remains in the field closely military and political dependence of the Moscow Kremlin. And therefore do not have to rely on the that the Belarusian management of a sudden, in defiance of Moscow, support accommodation units in Central Europe missile defense. Our homeland does not believe that the system is not oriented against it, and created for intercepting missiles probable states such as Iran or North Korea. Recent statements by Russian control in this regard indicate that it is ready to radically revise its policy in the field of armaments, again, the example of Russian Union of betting on building up forces.
Belarus may then again be reincarnated as a military training ground and RF platform for placing its missile and other bases — because it was for the communist regime. Security itself Belarus is do not add. Our listener Gennady Hubarevich from Minsk wrote his letter, he heard one call on Freedom listener that was very encouraging the fact that on his last press conference, President Lukashenko has invited representatives of some non-state media. Do Gennady Gubarevich to this dilemma different attitude. He writes:
"Satisfaction listener can be appreciated, but the hope — not very. Surely, she just did not listen very closely Lukashenko answers. He without any diplomacy and legal casuistry said virtually the subsequent:’ll criticize it — do not expect a good, obedient will — no problems not will. I think everything is clear to everybody.
In general, for me surprisingly: on whose press conference came as representatives of the media-independent, which is not considered legitimate president Lukashenko (here, I note, do not believe, of course, justified). Journalists Freedom there does not seem to be. Curious: do not want to or not allowed? "

wrote in his own letter to freedom Gennady Hubarevich from Minsk.
Considered or not considered legitimate president Alexander Lukashenko — the business of politicians, not the media, Hubarevich. Alexander Lukashenko on this day — the real head of the country with not enough than limited power. Practically only he determines the political course of Belarus. And in this sense for journalists (no matter what position they hold) are pressing conference — noteworthy and important. Freedom because there also was trying to accredit its own correspondent. But we were denied accreditation.
Our listener Jora Krupski of Polotsk is not the first year trying to defend its right environmentally spotless surroundings. Prerequisite for numerous applications in various instances become parking under the windows of an apartment building in which he lives. A listener writes:
"How to live in an apartment, enveloped on all sides of car fumes — without the necessary greenish zone between the building and the roadway? Fact laid ecological bomb slow action to form" cancer "apartments. According to U.S. scientists, similar apartments in people over 12 years do not live . And what will happen to my grandchildren who 8-10 years?
Collective deception at the moment in fashion. It’s like a cancer rooted in the municipal structure of Belarus. Wherever you turn — one unsubscribe: say, everything you do is in order: the distance from the structure to the site — six and a half meters, and it is correct.
Came from the regional department of police major and says: "Do not you write a letter of ecology — will change for you to double-glazed windows." I agreed and wrote a request to the chairman of the executive committee. And this was almost a provocation. "

To his letter Jora Krupski put a big stack of official papers — his correspondence with various local government agencies. There is also a response from the City Council, in which the request for glazing is rejected on the grounds that the owners of apartments to change the window according to the current legislation should be at their own expense.
Not only in your, sire Krupski, yards, and not only in Polotsk — virtually all large Belarusian towns in areas built apartment buildings, it is not suitable ecological situation. These areas were built mainly in Russian, when a private car was a luxury, and problems with parking was not. Accordingly, the courts were designed without taking into account that most of the residents of the house have own cars. Yards of these narrow, cramped, park there, not having called on the greenish zone from time to time is simply unrealistic. And frisky solve this difficulty, most likely not. Exit — underground parking garages and high-rise, but can afford them for themselves with their Belarusian citizens over moderate income at today’s prices for real estate?
Created subsequent letters — from the village of Nikolai Lukashevich Vychulki Brest region. Not so long ago the listener faced with the problem of relations with the traffic police and the insurance company. I quote the letter:
"It happened on the 25th of March. Put the car in the parking lot. Returned — grabbed his head. While walking to the store, my car hit someone. Culprit fled the scene.
I know there is a video of all the cars that enter and leave the parking lot at the time. There are witnesses. But police and bullying all writes that no guilty, and means and I do not get insurance. Although if strahavavsya, I was told exactly: if the incident will povinet not me, then get insurance. So I think it ought to come up with such insurance to protect yourself from power "-

— wrote in his own letter to the freedom of the village of Nikolai Lukashevich Vychulki Brest region.
Difficult to understand the motives of those police officers who, like you, sire Lukashevich, saying, intimidate witnesses and video ignores the offense. Maybe it is all the same and any other details that you do not inform? In any case, the acts of police officers in this case can be appealed through the tribunal.
At the end — leaf lilac leave a comment.
We wrote Evgenij Kozlov from Orsha:
"Our long-suffering history leaves me flegmantichnoy. For I was very expensive historical books Konstantin Tarasov Yermolovich Nicholas, Vladimir Orlov, Zaprudnika Yankees, as a collection of "150 questions and answers on the history of Belarus." Here once again launched a book — and in f
ront of me photo courageous fighter for the independence of Belarus Jyrki Listopad also the story of his kutsee and colorful life. After reading my mind began to form lines of poetry:
"Yes … the fate of suffering Litvinsky Compassion, support is not given away. Obsessed alien and executioner in the Gulag Man shot …" —

— Wrote in his own poetic works of Evgenij Kozlov Orsha.
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