I.Kozulina meet with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kramer

In the U.S., Ira Kozulin met many politicians and public figures, who are concerned with the situation human rights Belarus and attain liberation of political prisoners.
Topic, namely, was devoted to conversation in Washington with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer.
Kozulin Ira recalled that David Kramer two weeks reversed visited Minsk and had the opportunity to monitor the situation in the country:
"We shared experiences and discussed the status of political prisoners. Certain plans work in this area is already there, it is known to all, we will work on it. What I do not intend to be idle, that’s for sure."
Human rights activists from the organization "Amnesty International" in Virginia offered to nominate Alexander Kozulin honorable title of "Man of the Year" in the middle of prisoners of conscience.
Ira Kozulin participated in the meeting, which was announced this initiative.
"They prepared the documents. I was at 2-meetings of activists" the International Amnesty ", they will now be joining the efforts of activists voedinyzhdy 6 more states to highlight Alexander Kozulin on" Man of the Year "in the midst of political prisoners.
This is the caseetsya in order to "Amnesty International" on a national scale beginning to work intensively for the release of a specific person. Appealed to the government own country, government in Belarus, including people themselves and sent letters to Alexander Lukashenko, the Attorney General and everywhere. There’s a big work plan. "

In the past year Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to five and a half years in prison on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. The last presidential candidate’s own pleaded not guilty and explained persecution for political reasons. After 2006 Alexander Kozulin 53 a day or held a political hunger strike — as he reached the discussion of the human rights situation in Belarus on the UN Security Council. The discussion was initiated by the United States.
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