I’ll go outside, sit on meadow. We will write hi dear Stalin (1937)

I greet you on the waves Belarusian Freedom! Ah well looked first day in May of different years in publications Belarusian newspapers.
"Star", the year 1927. Newspaper reports of the Novo-Borisov:
"Where a year earlier prettier young grove, there is indescribable. People and stallions, like an anthill, filled a huge area, and the people and horses — in a continuous motion. Digging the ground, throw on vases, leveled area. Preparing a place for the latest match factory basement … The factory will be built with the latest technology. Making her will be very large — 2000 boxes of matches in 16 hours. "
In 1937, "Lim" prints a bunch of rhymes about the Soviet constitution:
"The geese flying south in height above the stubble that you, beloved Stalin We did comfortably.
Wise Stalin, Stalin was our own Constitution. For working people gave a satisfied life.
I’ll go out, I’ll sit on the meadow. We will write Hi dear Stalin
. "
On this week 1957 "Rodina" writes about the third plenum of the Byelorussian SSR Writers:
"Nayvaystrey was zaatakavany the plenum Belarusian" bourgeois nationalism "and related harassment regabilitatsyi" purified "once with Belarusian literature writers. In primarily then went for M.Larchanku placed in the "Literature and Art" his article "Some questions in the history of Belarusian literature"In which the creator sought to audit relationship" NN "," Uzvyshsha "and sought regabilitatsyi these bodies and related creators."

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