In Byalynichy held a procession with the icon of the mother of God

Belynichi journalist and local historian Misha Karpechanka procession recently anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster is considering revival of the tradition as a sign of holiness and glorification of the people’s faith in the speedy recovery from disasters.
According to one version, the icon of God Belynichi mother appeared on Belynechey during the second half of the 13th century. Here it was brought monks from Kiev, who fled from the Mongol-Tatars. Misha says Karpechanka:
"In the first day of their same night on earth Belynichi icon made his first magic. He began to exude light, light, and, according to legend, was the NIGHT MODE light as funny day. Specifically, hence the title of the lead out of the village Belynichy — White Nights . tradition to worship insult interrupted, but the current event when a procession of hundreds of believers walked in Mogilev Belynichy shows — many people have kept faith in the fact that he as before will be able to assist. "
Belynechey is two hundred miles of dirty radiation districts of Mogilev region. This is not to help her out of the ashes of Chernobyl radiation. Several villages remain in the radiation and hitherto captivity. In 1986, a favorite regional organization BPF Kastusyou Gregory worked at the farm "Drut". That’s what he says:
"I remember. I then worked as an engineer major farm" Drut. "For myself, I can not forgive that did not orient. It was a threat, a threat for us and the kids. Currently in the village receive a" coffin. "Later I had director of the farm work "Iskra" Belynichi region. And if he started to consider, began to learn the real danger of radiation. We then began to explore the village. most first we started doing at the farm — it take for arable land in places where less was contaminated by radiation. radiation appeared there, I’m not sure, but they say that the helicopters were planted clouds. "

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