In Grodno destroy the building of the XVIII century

To have survived all three tower complex — inclusive with himself a palace, which was rebuilt in the XIX century. At the moment he is given the Orthodox diocese in one stone outbuilding — apartments priests, and the second decided to kill him. However, the authorities explained to that the wall will be dismantled only partially rebuilt the castle and the church for 500 people.
The correspondent of "Liberty" visited the scene, and he explained to the workers: very feeble wing foundations, to build their church unreal. According to the workers when they graduate from the roof, the other team is quite hurt brick wall.
According to the "collection of monuments of Belarus", "temper the initial architecture is partly preserved in the northern wing, whose facades krapavany arched niches." This particular wing and helped to destroy.
Destruction began tower, built in 1770-80s the king’s elder Anthony Tyzengauz.

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