In Minsk began youth actions against nuclear power

Now in the morning nine youth activists public initiative "New Way" gathered at the site near the head of the State housing Academy. They pazavyazvali mouths special ribbons with signs of radiation threat. Initiative coordinator says "New Way" Vitaly:
"Action is dedicated to the beginning of a public campaign against the construction of nuclear power plants on the ground Republic of Belarus. We believe that now is the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus impossible terrain. In 1-x, given our economic situation, in-2, regardless of the quality of construction. "
But that said another protestor "Without nuclear power," Andrew:
"This company is a public initiative" New Way. "We believe that must public discussion of the problems associated with the construction of nuclear power plants. Population has a strong moral injury after Chernobyl. And not all that far have forgotten. Much of this is living and suffering from this. "
Participants walked along the sidewalks of Independence Avenue from the Academy to Victory Square. They stayed near the building of the 1st city clinic, also stood along the roadway chain prospectus.
Until April 26, activists of the "New Road" are going to hold a number of shares in Minsk and flash mobs under the title "No nuclear power plants." Will be handing out flyers to inform the public about how the authorities are preparing to build, to call people to the role in the Chernobyl way.
Initiative "New Way" appeared after last year’s presidential elections and operates within the public campaign "For Freedom."
Work plan for the construction of NPP in Belarus was approved by the government and management of the Academy 2006. A first 2007 took the decision to build Alexander Lukashenko. At the moment the search is conducted under the construction site. Start operation of the power going to the 2010. The approximate cost of construction is 2.5-3 billion dollars. Authorities say that in the case of this project once a year Belarus will be able to save up to 4 billion cubic meters of gas, or 300-400 millions of dollars. The price of electricity in this case could be reduced by 20%. To start building nuclear power plants, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the IAEA and the international community. Representatives of the organization Greenpeace has said that will make every effort to prevent the realization of this project.

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