In Minsk to discuss the National Business Platform

A pioneer in the creation of the National Business Platform became Minsk Capital Alliance Business and Employers.

L.Koval: "This is the first full program document improve the business climate."

"All regional business associations worked on this, 20 thousand businessmen assumed the role of to work on this platform — said "Freedom" vice chairman of Lily Koval. — This is the first program the full document to improve the business environment, the business climate in Republic of Belarus. He touched on the most pressing issues. "
According to the document, the Belarusian business is in need of reform. Prior to this, the necessary changes in entrepreneurship issues toiletries, licensing, registration and liquidation of economic entities, information and cooperation with the state.

V.Krival: "About 100 thousand businessmen do not know what will happen."

"Fact, that some questions needed would open a discussion yesterday — says entrepreneur Victor Kryval reins. — At least, start now. I’m about 760 and about the decree of January 1, 2008. About 100 thousand businessmen do not know what will happen. They have to worry. This failure. I have currently executive committee sends paper that Tipo must fulfill the quota. Slutsky from the plant to take as many sausages per month from the Borisov cannery here as juice, water, etc. I do not fulfill these orders, since I live on the Constitution. And I do not pay attention likely to blackmail. But many entrepreneurs are doing. "
In the development of the State Business Platform active role perceived by economists. Among them Leonid Zaika, who is going to speak at this meeting:

L. Zaika: "Management of the country can not realize what’s happening."

"We have a situation where the management of the country can not realize what was happening. If the situation will be in the economy mobilization type, in other words to get oil from Iran, Azerbaijan, and here we find some resources, then the position of the business will be worse. At the moment, the financial elite to offer their own versions of the country’s development. "
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