Khoiniki: Anything I say will be used against me

Reporter: "Good day. As for you live here? "
Old Woman: "Cheer. All people are sick. And so, it seems, nothing. Total enough we have. Meat, sausages, breads, everything. Sulk nothing."
Reporter: "And what kind of disease are you?"
Ancient "from radiation. For example, I have asthma. Second disease — diabetes sweet.’m On the pill. Such life. And so all the people. All polls. All in all unhealthy. Basedow That disease is cancer. Write, that radiation ruined people. Richly ruined. "
This dialogue takes place on the dusty village street Khoiniki. The one where, according to his superiors, one can live a normal life and did not make it to the opposition.

Ancient "Let’s earlier tours. People went to rest. Who has not ridden funds paid. Currently canceled. Already have it. Indicates unstained area. Likvidatarskiya these paid. Already do not pay. Already all means fine with us. Such case. And what good? Lots of good. "
Reporter: "A young to be ill?"
Ancient "Unhealthy. We have here the girl alone, my neighbor, social teacher. Recognized and she has cancer. Did her surgery. Already I’m sorry, my son, was removed from her left breast. And here ends. From what it ends? From Cancer" .
"We’re going to Khoyniki where some pakoyniki." After the Chernobyl tragedy walked this Funny ditty. Thank goodness to reality until it has no business.
Khoiniki not look dead settlement. Although the city-handsome call them hard. In many parts of an old boarded-up houses. A new housing estates have not yet reached the metropolitan fashion house paint in rainbow colors.
There are a few small factory here, where people are willing to work for two hundred thousand per month. Has a personal trading, where the tone are Azerbaijanis. And then there are buggies often cars.

In Khoiniki the first time I felt myself in the shoes of Gogol’s auditor. In the main local restaurant where I stopped to eat zavedennya opening. Director gave the order to serve guest "right." For me, opened a ballroom, where I braked in the company with the head.
What’s the secret? Type I was not far prezentabelny. May 24 th "Volga" has long emerged from the nomenclature arsenal. Maybe it Hoinikskii branded hospitality?
Head: "We are aware that a person wants to eat, you have to feed."
Reporter: "And there is not terribly?"
Head: "What?"
Reporter: "They say the radiation."
Head: "Yes, what is radiation! What we Almighty gives, it will be. Through it all, you must go through all this to bear. It’s not people die from radiation. It is necessary. So it was written from the cradle. "
Reporter: "Young die or not?"
Head: "And young people are killed, and the elderly die. Young boy on a cheese-making factory — at one point he became ill and died. Autopsy, and his internal organs like the old man of seventy."
Reporter: "And that is not radiation?"
Head: "Who knows why he was so worn out. Maybe radiation. Two boy died of thyroid cancer. Not afraid. (Oret.) Serge, let the coffee!"
Reporter: "Not terribly completely?"
Head: "No, of course. So you either Belarusian Ukrainian zhuralist?"
Reporter: "Belarusian".
Head: "And we both hahlyatskam."
I sucked local cucumbers with tomatoes, wishing he had brought with him which dosimeters. Not because of fear, but only for the sake of enthusiasm. To what extent is calculated at least mR can reach Belarusian indifference to their own health, their own future. Yes, even life.
Head: "We ate everything from the garden. Buy on the market. Well, who inspects it, tell me? Who looks after it? As is so equipped. So it must be."
That’s funny spoken utterance, "so must"- Probably the main principle Khoyniki life.
If the poison is everywhere — in the air, in food, in the walls of houses, is no reason to be removed from food and air, is not it? And what fines should look poison that pours from the screen BT?

What karchmarka took me for a Ukrainian, not the case. Perverted Vilenschina cities where whiteRussian language is not a problem, I caught Khoiniki dazed eyes. As in Minsk in late 1980.
Gomel region, probably more affected region of the Russian cultural policy. In general, the more joyful was to find a companion. Of course, in the school. And, of course, the school "ruskayazychnay." After Khoiniki — city.
And if you still have people in the country, of which more than invisible radiation trevozhut very abstract things — means all is not lost. Listen history teacher Svetlana.
Svetlana: "I express my worldview.’s Head teacher of my worth. I believe that history should be taught native only in the Belarusian language. I do not understand why This year entered history in the ninth grade, and in the upcoming tenth, the Russian will teach.
And I really hard when I go to the tenth and eleventh and teaching in Belarusian, and on the same day I have a history of Belarus in the ninth. I’m translating from the Belarusian language to Russian and lead a lesson. "
Reporter: "I had a poorly realized. If you continue to teach in Belarusian …"
Svetlana: "I can not. Why? Since I uttered — Russian school. Tutorials came in Russian. And you need to teach in Russian.’s Me head teacher said so."
Completely different history lesson I received in the local history museum, where a stuffed bison peacefully coexist with the gun second World War.
Director of the museum, the octogenarian Scripcenco Misha himself last partisans. With special warmth veteran recalls the Czechs and Slovaks. In the occupied Czech Khoiniki standing garrison.

Scripcenco: "The Czechs were dedicated people, our condoled bratstsyam. Because them and kicked out. Czechoslovakia live could . "
Reporter: "Do not rampant?"
Scripcenco: "No. On the contrary — defended. Decent people once had. And now look what comes out. Those people have not. Those not run. Not the politicians. Why have those South American base? Well fool everyone understood Our homeland that do not go there. History confirms that never Our homeland has not gone to the West. The only thing — assist. "
Reporter: "A division of Rzeczpospolita?"
Scripcenco: "Section Rzeczpospolita — Poland. Here hard to justify. History, in any case, the findings have not yet done."

If you suddenly find yourself in Khoiniki, go to the House of Crafts. This is exactly fascinating museum. After all, in the works kids, embroidered shirts, rugs, pupae still fantasy. In the House I met a young mistress Julia, I was distracted from work. Ms. carpet weaving with an angel.

Julia: "Do you see much Khoiniki little written. Hoinikskii system — such failure does not seem to exist. In the main we Braginsky Kalinkovichsky. And if Khoiniki refer to, there is no such specific — any style or system."
Reporter: "But tell me a secret, do you regret that you live in Khoiniki?"
Julia: "Everywhere you can live. Usual city to live. Normally live. Of hunger while nobody died yet. Employment is. What else a person need?"
Live normally — this means not breathe hunger. How it sounds in Russian that in the XVIII century, in XXI. But still surprising to hear this phrase from a lovely, young, adukavnay ladies, which is not 30 years.
But Julia — Mom. Together with her husband, a teacher, they get as much as 600 thousand rubles per month.
Reporter: "Kids eat?"
Julia: "Three."
Reporter: "Three kids?"
Julia: "Yes, I have three kids."
Reporter: "And for you to give birth was not terribly? Radiation, you k
Julia: "I usually have kids. No deviations not. Even the thyroid gland."
Reporter: "You feel concern about the country’s large family?"
Julia: "Where it all will be printed?"
Reporter: "Are you afraid?"
Julia: "Yes. I’m afraid. It is very creepy that you are from Minsk. "
Reporter: "Why?"
Julia: "Anything I say will be used against me."
Unfortunately, Julia rights. Because I turned off the recorder, so as not to harm the young unintentionally large family. Who lives on the muddy terrain. Which ends just to make ends meet. Expects that a year on from the far Minsk promised housing. And what, fortunately or unfortunately, is not unique in its own dilemmas and terrors.
Fear will read what they are thinking, Julia’s kids? The problem is not the lowest, than Chernobyl.

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